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Who Went Home on Survivor Kaoh Rong 2016 Last Night? Week 13

12 May 2016

Del Campo won his first reward challenge of the season during tonight's episode but it might have been the reason he was medically pulled from the game.

Returning from Tribal Council, Joe feels it was the right play, while Tai said that he was shocked.

Tell us what you think! Michele says people shouldn't go back on their alliance, and Tai had done it three times. The last one just wished he had been informed, especially because he wasted his extra-vote advantage. Michele tells Tai that he has turned on his alliance three times. His fellow contestant Cydney Gillon said, "Mr. Joe is loading up on beef and beef and beef".

Michele gets snippy and says she doesn't need to understand Tai, who is upset that Aubry didn't loop him in. Elsewhere, this made Cydney quite suspicious of Aubry and what her real intentions are. Aubry tries to explain that the others felt Tai wasn't letting them express their opinions, but in the end, both Tai and Aubry admit to being confused. He even cried and everything while giving her a hug.

Aubry wanted to work with Tai going forward, but anxious he wouldn't be interested since he's a very emotional person and felt betrayed.

Next, they showed Rewards Challenge footage. The victor would return to camp refreshed and rejuvenated. If he had missed either one, all of the castaways would be allowed to start over. The pair were then given the opportunity to select one more person to enjoy the spa. We're down to two Brains, Aubry and Joe; one Brawn, Cydney; and two Beauties, Michele and Tai.

At the spa, Joe, Aubry and Cydney are stuffing themselves. Joe tells them that he ate 3 feet of meat, and he's just clogged up.

Returning, Aubry sees Cydney as a serious threat and wants to make ammends with Tai. He chooses Aubry. When Jeff gives him one more choice, Aubry encourages him to choose Cydney, and he does.

Back at camp, Michele and Tai bond in the water. Tai therefore offered to give Michele a massage and then feed her mangoes. Tai brings up doing something together in the game. The couple brainstormed whom to target next, and they were up for making a shocking move, as long as Cydney would be onboard as well.

On Day 34, Tai was emotionally exhausted, saying the hardest part of this game was deciphering whom he could and could not trust. She needs to make up with Tai and regain his trust.

Jeff Probst makes things interesting by telling him he can pick one player to join him at the spa. Aubry sees it differently, but holds her counsel.

Cydney watched Aubry and Tai get comfortable with each other and close again, and she certainly didn't like it.

Next, Aubry tried to reassure a doubting Tai that she was still on his side, and Tai bought it hook line and sinker. He is bloated from all the food, can't pass urine and is constipated. Aubry was anxious about him because he was her "anchor" in this game.

Joe, meanwhile, is in pain. He pulls up his shirt to show that his once sunken stomach is now distended. At the risk of permanent kidney damage, the medic had to pull Joe from the game, so that was a bummer.

Joe has been "getting done at 71", but his adventure on "Survivor" has come to an end.



Who Went Home on Survivor Kaoh Rong 2016 Last Night? Week 13