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Candace Payne in Chewbacca mask hits Facebook Live record

25 May 2016

Now, 113 million views later (and still counting), her infectiously joyful video showing off her Star Wars mask on Thursday has now become the most-watched Facebook Live video to date.

A video on the retailer's Facebook page shows a Kohl's representative arriving at Payne's house and telling her: "We don't want you to stress about having to share your Chewbacca mask".

Candace Payne has endeared herself to the world after she filmed herself laughing uncontrollably after putting on a new Chewbacca mask she'd just bought.

A woman's live video feed unveiling her newly-purchased Chewbacca mask is hilarious - and it's guaranteed to make you laugh.

"This is worth every penny!" the 37-year-old mother of two adds. BuzzFeed previously held that title when it streamed a video of staffers wrapping rubber bands around a watermelon until it exploded, amassing more than 10 million views.

The worship leader at her local church often shares videos of her day to day life.

The Facebook video has received almost 40 million views in the past 21 hours, thanks in part to someone posting it on Reddit for all to see.

While shopping, she saw the Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask by Hasbro.

She expressed the simple joy about two minutes into the video.

"This is a lot of masks!", exclaimed her son. "I'm laughing so hard with you!". She was taking back some things and planned to spend money that she'd recently been given for her birthday on exercise clothes or "something for the kids". Just type "baby laughing" into YouTube and you'll be flooded with wonderful videos.

"Chewbacca" began trending on Twitter on Friday, with users of the social media platform cheering the video.

Candace Payne in Chewbacca mask hits Facebook Live record