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'Drudge Report' Chooses Unique Photo To Announce News Of Cosby Trial

25 May 2016

Cosby entered the Pennsylvania courtroom Tuesday dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and a tie, and walked in with the help of an assistant, cracking a few smiles, and showed a little reaction when the judge said he would be tried on all charges.

On May 24, CNN reports a Pennsylvania judge ordered Cosby to stand on trial for three aggravated indecent assault counts involving Andrea Constand's 2004 case.

Over the course of the evening, Constand allegedly told Cosby she felt "drained" because she had been missing sleep.

Constand told them she was "in and out" of consciousness after taking three pills that Cosby said were herbal medication.

The defense cited what it called discrepancies in Constand's statement to Pennsylvania investigators and her earlier statements to Canadian police.

One of the women who has come forward with allegations is Judy Huth of Canyon Lake.

Constand herself was not called to testify, although prosecutors said she is prepared to appear as a trial witness.

"Mr. Cosby presented a vigorous defense today", celebrity attorney Gloria Allred declared. "We want to serve justice", Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele told reporters.

Ms. Constand's case is the only one that has fallen within the statute of limitations, a USA law that shields people from prosecution after a certain time period by imposing an expiry date for allegations of crimes. The TV star known as America's Dad could get 10 years in prison if convicted of indecent sexual assault. She said she found Cosby at the bottom of the stairs; he gave her a muffin before opening the door and letting her out. According to detectives who interviewed her, Constand said that Cosby pushed her to take pills and drink wine at his house when she was vulnerable emotionally because of uncertainty about her career and had sought his mentorship.

Constand initially said she went to the room, lay down on the bed with Cosby, and that they were touching. She said the comedian promised to give her $500 for every "A" she received while in school.

"Mr. Cosby is not guilty of any crime and not one single fact presented by the Commonwealth rebuts this truth", McMonagle concluded.

Prosecutors rejected filing a criminal case after authorities couldn't corroborate Goins' account of when she was at the mansion.

Constand, a former basketball coach at Cosby's Temple University alma mater, is the only woman whose accusations of sexual assault have resulted in criminal charges against Cosby.

He described one incident early on in their relationship where he said Andrea asked him to stop.

Detective Katherine Hart testified Constand told detectives in 2005 that she returned to Cosby's home because she wanted to confront him about what had happened.

Constand's allegations resurfaced in recent years as dozens of women - more than 50 so far - have publicly come forward with similar claims against the comedian, many of them saying they were also drugged and assaulted or raped by the comedian.

He settled her lawsuit for an undisclosed sum in 2006, after giving four days of testimony about his extramarital affairs, his pursuit of quaaludes to seduce women and his efforts to hide payments to former lovers from his wife.