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Microsoft Surface Phone All Set To Release In 2017

25 May 2016

Microsoft's plans for a Surface phone still appear to be happening, but it may be pushed back until early 2017 with their other new Windows 10 devices. There could also be up to three models of the premium flagship.

With Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile OS continuing to be developed with new builds nearly every two weeks it seems like a good time to wonder what Microsoft's hardware intentions are going forward.

Sources close to Microsoft's plans have told me that any 'Surface phone' by Microsoft (seemy previous article for more context) won't see the light of day until sometime in 2017. The good news is there could be up to three variants for different pricing tiers and markets.

The new Surface Phones will also be powered by Intel's latest processor, the 14nm Kaby Lake and will not feature the previously reported Intel Atom processor. It will give Microsoft the required processor to feature in Pro 5, but given that it usually takes a lot longer for the manufacture of processors, which usually become available later, there is not much substance to this rumor.

The new devices will run on Windows 10 Mobile and look to be the flawless platform to make the most out of Microsoft's Continuum feature. This rumor started as a result of a recent Microsoft patent approval for a stylus with rechargeable batteries. Users are also vying for a 4K Ultra HD screen resolution with 3840×2160 pixels.

However, keep in mind that Microsoft has confirmed none of this in any way yet, so we'll just have to wait and see.



Microsoft Surface Phone All Set To Release In 2017