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"The Voice" Recap: Who Won a Recording Contract?

25 May 2016

Huston is competing with Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam), Alisan Porter (Team Christina) and Adam Wakefield (Team Blake), vying for the grand prize: $100,000 and a record deal. Coach Adam also commended his artist, saying he is "what's missing from the show".

For his bring back performance, Al-Saadi brought Katie Basden and Shalyah Fearing to sing "Georgia On My Mind".

There is no time to dwell on the purity of Laith's heart and his spirit, though, because Christina has a present for Alisan Porter.

Porter said her goal on the show was to be authentic and honest with the audience.

Coach Adam Levine said it was fun to watch Huston and Williams work together throughout the season.

Next up, Pharrell's artist, Hannah Huston, sang "Every Breath You Take" by The Police.

"People across this country know what you just did with an iconic Vince Gill song", says Blake. Ariana Grande sang "Into You" and teamed up with Christina Aguilera for "Dangerous Woman". Porter took the stage with Jennifer Nettles, of country duo Sugarland, for a rendition of her "Unlove You".

Good thing they're ready to give it their best - even though the format isn't completely conducive to letting them shine (YASSS to including original songs from each, but somebody please kill the duets dead forever because they are miserable) - but has a clear victor emerged from this thing yet? Al-Saadi and Levine, finally, will sing for the victory with a medley of tunes by The Beatles that includes Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, and The End.

"You are out here with grace and humility and you lit up the stage in that attractive red dress and with that lovely voice", he said. Although the song's message was heartfelt and emotional, the guitar solos may have overpowered his singing abilities a tad.

Laith had an opportunity to show off his raspy vocals with his original song "Morning Light". Adam said Laith fills the room with joy. Adam Wakefield: "When I Call Your Name" 13. "Your ad libs and your runs are always so impressive to me". Her final confessional summed up how the mother of two felt about coming on the show: "I felt so happy and comfortable knowing I had made the choice to come here and pursue my dreams". Pharrell says she's cute and makes amusing faces all the time. This was the night that saw the contestants having to perform three songs.

This is it, "The Voice" 2016 fans. With the finale slated for two hours, the episode was more about the performances than the actual results which were, as usual, saved for the final seconds of the live television event.