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Microsoft Backtracks Over 'Sneaky' Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

26 May 2016

Microsoft will keep you in the app, exposed to Windows 10 publicity, for as long as it possibly can, even when you've just expressed an intention to quit it. This is far from the first time Microsoft has come under fire for its underhand tactics in promoting Windows 10 to users of older operating systems.

Without a doubt, these guides can really be helpful for some organizations, and since Microsoft is betting big with Windows 10 on adoption in the education sector, it's a good resource that could ensure smoother upgrades.

In a statement, Microsoft admitted that the change in upgrade process was intentional, explaining that "If the customer wishes to continue with their upgrade at the designated time, they can click "OK" or close the notification with no further action needed".

Still leaves a bad taste in your mouth if you've closed that window more times than you can count, and the upgrade arrives on your PC anyway, I'd imagine.

Microsoft is in trouble yet again for its heavy-handed approach when "encouraging" people to move to Windows 10.

An adjustment to Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade pop-up box has been heavily criticised by customers as "deceitful" and "nasty". However today it has taken a u-turn and the upgrade popup dialogue will present an additional opportunity for users to cancel the upgrade if they mistakenly attempt to dismiss it by clicking on the upper right "X" close gadget. It's one thing for Microsoft to use Windows Insiders as guinea pigs for new ideas, it's something completely different to perform experiments on people who don't even have - or want - Windows 10 installed.

Whether or not Windows 10 is worth the upgrade is beside the point, Microsoft shouldn't be acting like a two-bit conman using sleight of hand to trick people into upgrading. Just hitting X might one day find you waking up to a brand new, but possibly unwanted version of Windows running on your PC. Unfortunately, users trained to click the X to close annoying pop-up windows may overlook this small line of text. Those efforts were on full display with a change made to Microsoft's Windows 10 nag screens prompting users to upgrade. This is deception in its finest form and is something that you would expect to experience on the website for pirated movies, not from trusted sources and firms such as Microsoft.

Also, you should know that if you've already gotten Windows 10, you can fall back to your previous version of Windows within 31 days, for free.

The new Windows 10 prompt.