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Microsoft denies forcing Windows 10 upgrade

26 May 2016

There's been another wave of unwanted Windows 10 upgrades this week, which always corresponds with a spike in emergency tech support calls from my friends who swear they've been vigilant in saying no to the Windows 10 upgrade yet it suddenly appeared on their computer.

Microsoft has been accused of changing the pop-up box asking Windows users to upgrade to Windows 10 to schedule the upgrade if the red "close" cross is clicked.

To "help", Windows 10 was and still is being offered for free to existing Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

If you have unwittingly scheduled an upgrade, it is still possible to cancel it before it is installed.

Brad Chacos, Senior Editor at PC World website explained why the free update was proving to be a sore subject for many. However, this requires an additional step from users to go to the scheduled update and cancel from there.

The publication quoted industry experts as calling this a "dirty trick".

Microsoft denies forcing Windows 10 upgrade
Microsoft denies forcing Windows 10 upgrade

Normally, this icon would close down the window.

Whether or not Windows 10 is worth the upgrade is beside the point, Microsoft shouldn't be acting like a two-bit conman using sleight of hand to trick people into upgrading.

If you're not interested in the upgrade, you should look out for this line when the notification pops up.

This has understandably caused frustration and confusion amongst Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users with even the staunchest Windows fans finding it hard to defend Microsoft's latest move.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 has been activated on 300 million devices - an adoption rate that, if it continues, would put the firm on track to hit its target of getting the OS onto one billion machines by July 2018.



Microsoft denies forcing Windows 10 upgrade