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NBA Trade Rumors 2016: Brandon Ingram to Los Angeles Lakers

30 May 2016

Ford is responding to the question that the Lakers would send their second overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft to the 76ers for Jahlil Okafor and Philly's 2017 pick. Team general manager Bryan Colangelo admitted he's looked into alternatives, as all smart executives do, but he doesn't appear to have any intention of trading that pick. "It's highly unlikely that anything is done with the No. 1 pick except selecting the player".

The Los Angeles Lakers are keen to keep their first round pick and they are also going for Ben Simmons.

On occasion the players available will fit into both categories, for example, last season with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Karl Anthony-Towns, but many times that's not the case, as is true with the upcoming draft.

"[Simmons] is a ball-handling four, who actually would be in a position to initiate the offense". Whichever player they select, the Lakers are then very likely to take the other, but that's if things stay as they now are. "I think you have to look at his versatility". "There is obviously two very interesting candidates there".

At this point, all signs seem to point to Philadelphia selecting Simmons over Ingram at No. 1. As seen by his response, Ford thinks it is a bit too high a price for the 76ers to pay, but it's not out of the possibility since the Lakers reportedly "loved" Okafor past year when the draft was approaching.

Being that he does have the top pick, there is really no need for Colangelo to play coy these days about what he wants or might do.

DeMar DeRozan's days in the six might be numbered ... that's according to his best friend and former teammate, Romeo Miller, who says he knows where DeRozan is headed ... and he strongly suggests it's L.A. We got Romeo out at The Grove and asked him about DeMar... who will be one of the most coveted free agents of the National Basketball Association offseason.

The problem is that they have too many similar players in the same place, and it's only to get more crowded this year.

NBA Trade Rumors 2016: Brandon Ingram to Los Angeles Lakers