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Windows 10 Mobile OS Update Released For Nokia Lumia Phones

30 May 2016

Microsoft has taken a drastic step with 1,850 job cuts in the wake of declining sales in its smartphone business over the last few years.

One of the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology, Microsoft has been a company which has been bringing forward some of the most popular revolutions in the way we know the modern day markets of technology to be. In July 2015, it took a $7.6 billion write-down on the Nokia acquisition.

Microsoft on Wednesday announced that it was further "streamlining" its mobile phone business. And this latest move does mean that Microsoft has written down more than the $9.6 billion (roughly Rs. 64,661 crores) it spent to acquire Nokia's handset business in 2014.

In a statement acquired by Ars Technica, Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella said: "We are focusing our phone efforts where we have differentiation - with enterprises that value security, manageability and out Continuum capability, and consumers who value the same".

Microsoft on Wednesday said that it would cut 1,850 jobs in the company's smartphone hardware business, as part of its efforts to streamline the unit in the face of continued weak sales. The move just underscores what a hard strategic spot the company is in. "We will continue to innovate across the devices and on our cloud services across all the mobile platforms".

The Surface phone has been heavily rumored to arrive sometime soon, even if Microsoft has not officially confirmed the development of such device.

Kagan pointed out that even with a mobile market share of 4 percent or 5 percent, Microsoft was in better shape than many competitors who haven't been able to break even.

Mr. Nadella is banking on Windows 10, the latest version of its flagship operating system, to grow that business.

Microsoft killed the last remaining holdings of Nokia.

"We are now in development of our next generation products and I wanted to reconfirm our commitment to Windows 10 Mobile".

In a statement posted recently on its website, the company said it had reached an agreement to sell the company's entry-level feature phone assets to FIH Mobile Ltd., a subsidiary of Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group, and HMD Global, Oy for $350 million.

And now there's more information not only about the rollout schedule but also about the version number, all thanks to some Microsoft documents.