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Microsoft makes Dona Sarkar head of Windows 10 Insider Program

05 Junio 2016

As it turns out handling both sets of those duties are a lot for one person, although Gabe was very capable and productive, but there comes a time for these things to change and so Gabe is handing over leadership of the Insider Program effective today.

Gabe made a decision to step down from the Windows Insider Program leadership role in order to focus better on his Engineering Systems Team. Past year in August, he started to work on the Engineering Systems Team in WDG responsible for the tools Microsoft engineers use to build Windows, including their planning and work management systems, source code management, build infrastructure, and test automation systems.

Gabe is one of those incredibly nice and giving people, and his reactions and responses to the insane feedback he gets on Twitter, in particular, has been eye opening.

“I have worked with Dona for many years and think she is the flawless person to guide the Windows Insider Program forward”.

Dona's next big duty is of course to announce her first build release to Windows Insiders and apparently that announcement post is already being written and worked on.

Sarkar joined Microsoft as a software engineer for the Windows team in 2005 and acted as lead developer for Windows Vista on features such as Autoplay, Bluetooth and Blu-Ray integration. Her technical expertise, passion for customers, and commitment to listening to feedback is unmatched.

She is the brain behind the search box in Windows 7's Start menu, the File Explorer tool, and the Open/Save dialogs. But she is very active online, with presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, a personal blog, and even her own fashion blog.



Microsoft makes Dona Sarkar head of Windows 10 Insider Program