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Casa » Microsoft just pulled the plug on the Xbox One TV DVR feature

Microsoft just pulled the plug on the Xbox One TV DVR feature

10 Junio 2016

By putting the Xbox One UI into Windows 10 machines, they would basically turn everyone's home computers and laptops into the Xbox One, with no need to spend money on an expensive console.

Improved sharing on Xbox One: We've made it easier to share your screenshots, GameDVR clips, and achievements on Xbox One. Windows Media Center also let you plug a TV Tuner or other supported device into your computer and watch live TV, schedule and manage recordings, and get free program guide data.

There hasn't been a truly significant update to the Xbox One since November, with the Xbox One Experience which aimed to make the console faster and more social.

Edit and share GameDVR clips on any video editor: Create that ideal gaming montage with your favorite video editor with clips you recorded on either Xbox One or your PC. The convergence of all platforms is echoed in the fact the Xbox and Windows Store will also now be one and the same.

This news might upset some Xbox One users as the feature would have been very useful, for all intents and purposes turning your console into a decent television solution.

The voice commands for Kinect on Xbox One will be replaced by Cortana, and users will not have to use Kinect, as the voice commands will be detected through headset.

Microsoft has been constantly updating its Xbox One Experience since it launched in November. Additionally, fullscreen Game bar support for six titles, such as World of Warcraft, Battlefield 4, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Diablo III and Counterstrike: Global Offensive, has been added. The interest that Microsoft has been showing in RTS genre games might just be a good sign for the fans. Another update is a convergence of the Xbox Live store and the Windows Store.

Players working on their excel spreadsheets would press a button and suddenly there would be the Xbox one console in front of them and they could play games. Lovely. Updates will also be coming to the Xbox app too. As the E3 2016 date is coming close, we are witnessing new reports, while a few others are being washed off.

Microsoft just pulled the plug on the Xbox One TV DVR feature