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Chill coffee beans for a more flavorsome brew, say scientists

15 Junio 2016

In the lead up to the World Barista Championships, University of Bath scientists say brewing more flavoursome coffee could be as simple as chilling the beans before grinding.

As the beans become colder, the researchers found the subsequent grinds will allow for optimized flavour extraction.

He also states that having small grinds is having more flavor extraction but also suggests that beans temperature need to be more constant to achieve consistent grinds.

Experts from the university worked with coffee shop Colonna & Smalls in Bath, Somerset, to examine the effect of grinding beans at different temperatures.

The narrower distribution of particles allowed access to more flavour from the same amount of coffee during the brewing process.

Chilled grains offered greater post-grind consistency, boasting a narrower distribution of fine particles - that is, the smallest particles were closer in size to the largest particles. If you have small grinds you can push flavour extraction upwards.

The study, highlighted in Nature, is published in Scientific Reports.

This study will have a significant impact on how people prepare coffee, and also in the future technologies for making or preparing coffee, especially when The World Barista Championship- a worldwide coffee competition that focuses on promoting excellence in coffee- is coming up in Dublin between 22 and 25 of June.

"We found that chilling the beans tightens up this process and can give higher extractions with less variance in the flavour - so you would have to brew it for less time, or could get more coffee from the same beans". "I wouldn't be surprised if people struggled to achieve balanced extractions".

Hendon and colleagues said that the findings could have important implications at the coffee industry as people want to produce a better quality drink.

These findings could make for better tasting coffee and more efficient brewing, explained Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, co-owner of Colonna & Smalls.

'Grinding coffee may seem quite straightforward - break coffee up into a lot of tiny bits so you and dissolve it in water. But like the whole world of coffee the subtleties of the process have a huge impact on the flavour and quality of the cup of coffee, ' Colonna-Dashwood said.

"We anticipate these results will influence the production of coffee industrially, as well as contribute to how we store and use coffee daily", the researchers wrote in their study. The study suggests chilling roasted coffee beans because it would maximize surface area and utilize more of the coffee. "All of this will impact on how we prepare coffee in the industry, I bet we will see the impact of this paper in coffee competitions around the globe, but also in the research and development of new grinding technology for the marketplace".

Chill coffee beans for a more flavorsome brew, say scientists