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Older Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Devices Get Windows 10 — Microsoft Corporation

20 Junio 2016

While many users have been (often justifiably) complaining about some of the software's privacy settings and intolerable update notifications, Microsoft has been quietly working behind the scenes to improve Windows 10.

Various instances such as lags compel users to refresh the Windows installed on their PCs.

Most Windows 10 users probably know that there is a Reset This PC tool in Settings that lets you reset your PC back to its original, factory condition.

Despite the official lack of new features, this build offers a few interesting tidbits as we get closer to the official Windows 10 Anniversary Update roll out in the coming weeks including one that makes it easier to banish bloatware from your PC. The Centennial App converter has also been fixed and updated in this build. This also brings in an updated Windows Store comes with better performance.

It's been a busy week for Windows insiders, with Microsoft rolling out two different builds on both PCs and smartphones and introducing new tools and a large collection of bug fixes.

The tool is still in its testing phase right now and will only work with the recent Windows 10 Insider Preview builds, but we are hoping it will be released to the general public soon.

The Kids Corner feature has been kicked out of Windows 10 Mobile.

Since update notifications are delivered via a system-wide notification, you'll be prompted about them even if you're playing games, Windows Vista, 7 and 8 had the habit of restarting your computer without your consent, Windows 10 hasn't done it once. Since Insider is a precursor to the production code, the tool should be usable by owners of systems upgraded to the Anniversary Update, version 1607, which is slated to ship next month.

No software is kept at all, including hardware drivers, which might lead one to ask "why would I use this instead of simply doing a clean install?"

Microsoft has fixed an issue where an active VPN connection could block the PC from going from idle into sleep. The tool isn't guaranteed to install the latest version, but Microsoft says it should be a "recent" version. Addressing previous bugs, build 14366 fixes an issue that would cause CPU consumption to spike when the Edge browser encountered a Web page with several animated GIFs. Once this is noted, you can install and reinstall Windows 10.

Older Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Devices Get Windows 10 — Microsoft Corporation