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Microsoft announces .NET Core for MacOS and Linux

29 Junio 2016

Microsoft has announced that the company's software development platform.NET Core 1.0 will run on Linux as well as Mac OS X operating systems.

The company says the platform will also be available for CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu "soon", though RHEL is the first and now only Linux distribution to support it.

The general availability of.NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0 underscores an evident effort by Microsoft to make.NET available for use by developers across different platforms, whether on the desktop, mobile, or servers.

“We've rebuilt the foundation of.NET to be targeted at the needs of today's world: highly distributed cloud applications, micro services and containers", Microsoft program manager Rich Lander said in a blog post.

What's more, .NET Core is open source, meaning that any developer cannot only use it for free to build their own applications, but also modify and improve the platform to suit their needs and the needs of others.

The release of Version 1.0 of.NET Core, the open source, cross-platform.NET runtime platform, comes nearly two years after it was first announced by Microsoft in 2014.

Core workloads can now be easily moved from a Windows Server environment to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, even if development was primarily done via Windows.

Microsoft had a few other announcements at Red Hat Summit, saying its involved in a three-way collaboration with the Linux vendor and a startup called CodeEnvy Inc. to make the protocol that enables Visual Studio Code editor to support over 100 programming languages available to others.

The announcements come as part of Microsoft's increasing support of open-source technologies.



Microsoft announces .NET Core for MacOS and Linux