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Top 10 moments of 'The Bachelorette' - S12 E6

29 Junio 2016

Now that the current season is reportedly over, with JoJo giving the final rose to her chosen one, rumors are suggesting that everything was set-up right from the start. Read on for the highlights.

Hayes dated Hope Higgenbotham before his time on The Bachelorette.

You know, the guy people can only remember because he looks just like Jim Halpert from "The Office."

Chris said that they would not have paid any attention to it, but the nature of the remarks was so extreme that JoJo's entire journey had come into question. However, JoJo seemed uncertain and called Derek inconsistent - he cited a hard past relationship as the cause. His anger at James made for some uncomfortable moments when he returned to the rest of the men.

While Derek broke down crying in the limo on his way to the airport, Chase and JoJo danced in the company of a gorgeous singer, who belted the classic tune 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina.' It may have been a lot to watch, but just think, poor Derek had to live it.

During the group date, the guys and JoJo played soccer with the locals. Yes, for the first time ever there would be a second two-on-one date for the season and none of them wanted to be a part of it!

According to Reality Steve, JoJo will go on a date with Alex Woytkiw, and that on the date, he tells JoJo that he is in love with her. Apparently, JoJo doesn't feel the same way as she reportedly sends him home.

In the end, JoJo gave Chase the rose, but we're not sure why.

They go shopping in the village and he buys her jewelry.

There were four roseless guys and only three flowers. Then, when JoJo returned, it got even worse.

However, a major drama awaits as JoJo walks out of the rose ceremony without handing out any rose for the night. She told host Chris Harrison that should couldn't give the last rose to either Alex or James Taylor. I've thought Jordan was slippery from day one, but it's still sometimes confusing to me when the other boys use up their precious few moments with JoJo to talk about Jordan.

"The Bachelorette" continues Monday night on ABC.



Top 10 moments of 'The Bachelorette' - S12 E6