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Local teachers attend Austin rally held in light of special session

18 Julio 2017

The Texas Legislature is expected to discuss the controversial bathroom bill during the special session that starts on Tuesday.

Neverthless, the issue remains still at the center of the political struggle-and will likely be the touchpoint for contentious dialogue during next year's primary season.

"The transition from a state to federal status, in terms of funding, will not impact the mission of the Texas National Guard or its role in protecting and serving the citizens of Texas", he said.

"The Attorney General can only opine on what's actually in the law".

The Austin-based Center for Public Policy Priorities reacted to Patrick's suggestion, saying, "If state leaders are really concerned about property taxes, they should increase the state's share of public school funding".

Smith attended a campaign event of Abbott's in San Antonio, and waited around after his speech to a get a picture with the Republican governor. Mike Collier, a Houston businessman and a Democrat, announced his candidacy for lieutenant governor on March 2.

"Everyone knows the school finance system is broken", said state Rep. Donna Howard, D-Austin, who filed House Joint Resolution 18, a constitutional amendment that would require the state to supply at least 50 percent of the public education system budget - as opposed to 38 percent in the current year.

In their lawsuit, Paxton said, plaintiffs claimed the law would stifle class discussion in their courses. "Why not have the state pay for a real teacher pay raise?" asked Noel Candelaria, president of the Texas State Teachers Association. These measures included bills to close the gender wage gap, increase the state's minimum wage, expand voting by mail and increase the age of criminal responsibility. The Senate rejected that.

"We are and will continue to aggressively and robustly support members of the Legislature who support us", Abbott's chief strategist, Dave Carney, said in an interview.

"This selection is the first step in restoring the public's trust and making TABC a model of public service, transparency, and accountability", said TABC Chair Kevin J. Lilly.

Local teachers attend Austin rally held in light of special session