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RT Business: North Korea fuel prices surge after China cuts oil supplies

18 Julio 2017

"After North Korea's frequent missile tests including its very first ICBM test, the international community has vowed to tighten sanctions, and China simply cannot exclude itself from the recent movement, although it probably does not want to indefinitely cut off fuel sales to the North", Kang said. One side favored talks rather than increasing pressure on the rogue state, and the other wanted just the opposite. He argues that the gap between Chinese imports and American exports is evidence of manufacturing jobs lost to China.

Park's conservative government said 70 percent of the U.S. dollars paid as wages and fees at Kaesong was channelled to the North's ruling party.

In May, Russia opened a new ferry service from Vladivostok in the far east to North Korea's Rajin port, a move seen as a boost to bilateral ties.

Analysts warned then that Trump was setting himself up for disappointment.

Ri and his family fled North Korea in late 2014 as unfailing loyalty shifted to terror. This approach has been a dismal failure.

But Beijing is also eager to avoid riling Trump.

The deadline is up Sunday. "It may take longer than I'd like". Since 2003 there has been a steady increase in North Korea's missile launches. Nevertheless, the latest data show that critical trade links are again on the rise.

Earlier this month, Trump tweeted that he and Xi had an "excellent meeting on trade & North Korea" at the G20 summit in Germany. Until now, Trump has shelved issues other than North Korea - such as Chinese currency manipulation - in exchange for Beijing's cooperation. China failed to help but got thanked, nevertheless, for trying. If the U.S. strategy that links diplomacy, security and economy gets full play, it remains unclear how much pressure China could withstand.

The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said on Sunday that Washington would crank up pressure on China to ensure it implements sanctions over the missile test. "To put the stop to the nuclear and missile development, cutting off the sources to obtain foreign currencies is needed". "The nuclear weapons program is a concern in that it gives the U.S. a reason to stay in the peninsula, but they themselves don't feel threatened by the program". Trump tweeted soon after the April meeting.

South Korea on Monday proposed inter-Korean military talks to defuse tensions along the tense border and Red Cross talks to resume reunions of families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War. Merkel's response was blunt, stating that the G-20 was a forum that should focus on the global economy and financial markets rather than diplomacy. "In China there is concern, absolutely, there's debate on what to do about North Korea - but China has realized that, whatever it does, North Korea will carry on developing these programs". Russia would not be in favor of a larger China. The White House declined comment.

RT Business: North Korea fuel prices surge after China cuts oil supplies