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The Mooch Forced To Drop The Mic

07 Agosto 2017

Trump fired Scaramucci on Monday just over a week after naming him to the job in the latest staff upheaval to hit the Republican's six-month-old administration.

"For Trump supporters, John Kelly is the best thing that could happen to this administration", said Goidel.

But on Monday night, Colbert switched up to the sombre part of Bohemian Rhapsody to say his good byes to the former communications director - nicknamed 'The Mooch'.

Colbert then seized on the similarity between Scaramucci's name and that of a certain commedia dell'arte character by serenading the departing communications director with a personalized version of "Bohemian Rhapsody": "Mama, I just got canned/ Barely got to the White House/ Said some dumb stuff, now I'm out". "Most of the chaos is generated by him and no one else", Graham said.

In a tweet shortly before, Trump declared there was "no White House chaos!"

She added that Mr Trump did not want to "burden General Kelly with that line of succession".

"General Kelly will bring new structure, discipline and strength to the White House". "I think it would have helped Reince Priebus to have been more successful in that job than it turned out he was". In response to the backlash he said on Twitter that he would refrain from using such "colorful" language again in his new position.

Mr Scaramucci's arrival in the West Wing on 21 July coincided with the resignation of press secretary Sean Spicer.

Mr. Trump's new chief of staff, John Kelly, has been serving in the president's cabinet as secretary of Homeland Security.

What President Trump really needs is a gatekeeper who can control the information and people entering and leaving the Oval Office.

Scaramucci sent CNN the document.

This was a breaking story that has been updated throughout. The president said he will also take a swing at immigration reform.

The Mooch Forced To Drop The Mic