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Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Capacity Might Be Increased

09 Agosto 2017

Allegedly, four of the ten suppliers that Samsung uses for its phones' circuit boards have the ability and capacity to produce SLP designs. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will use a similar Substrate-like PCB mainboard to make more room for the battery. However, ETNews says that this new technology would only be used for the units powered by the Exynos chipset; the Qualcomm versions will still employ the less-efficient HDI (High-Density Interconnect) technology. So since the distance between components are smaller and the board itself occupies less space, manufacturers can fit in bigger batteries. If the suppliers fail to develop their own SLP-based products, it could result in a substantial drop in revenues and profit.

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Samsung Electronics is set to shake markets for Smartphone parts once again. The Note 9 is over a year away from its launch.

"SLP utilizes MSAP (Modified Semi-Additive Process) method, which is a semiconductor package technology." said Kwon Sung-ryool who is a researcher for Dongbu Securities Co., Ltd. "This will be advantageous for businesses such as Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. that has secured such technology". Latest reports indicate that the Galaxy S9 will not feature an under-display fingerprint scanner. Other mainboard manufacturers are expected to lose business.

Samsung had a market share of around 10 percent in Japan in mid-2013, but its presence gradually fell following the rise of Apple. Sources told the publication that the Samsung would expand the application of SLP "once the initial introduction phase of SLP passes by". The Korean electronics giant will reportedly use Y-OCTA display technology on the S9, the same technology it used on the Galaxy S8. Samsung smartphones have often been rumored to have features which end up coming out for the next model. Y-OCTA combines the touch function and the display into a single manufacturing process. This kind of impact is now spreading to PCB manufacturers.

Only Some Galaxy S9 Variants To Deploy SLPs?

The Galaxy S9's motherboard may be stacked per industry insiders.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Capacity Might Be Increased