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Maduro seeks 'kangaroo' courts where anyone can go on trial in Venezuela

10 Agosto 2017

The ministers represented Mexico, Canada, Argentina and other regional nations.

"President Maduro swore in this illegitimate Constituent Assembly to further entrench his dictatorship, and continues to tighten his grip on the country", said Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin.

"That's why we should be standing against the regime and for the values we hold", he said.

- Carmen Teresa Melendez Rivas, who is responsible for coordinating the street government command for the Constituent Command Zamora 200.

CARICOM Chairman Dr Keith Mitchell (left) will make fresh overtures to Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro (right). According to the government, two of the intruders were killed and eight were captured, but the others got away. The opposition instantly denounced the move, and then boycotted a government-sponsored referendum on the assembly in July.

Since the July 30 election there has only been one protest death, that of Progressive Advance (AP) local leader Ramon Rivas on Sunday. The Reuters report adds that their sources claim the sanctions would look much like those placed on Maduro, acting to "freeze the individuals' U.S. assets, ban them from travel to the United States and prohibit Americans from doing business with them".

"We are [C] havistas until death", the Argentinian soccer player wrote, in reference to former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. "Our goal is not to do something that damages the people of Venezuela", he said.

Fourteen countries in the hemisphere have called for action, but even Brazil, the largest nation in South America, is hobbled by its own internal political crisis. They also asked the government to release all political prisoners and allow international observers to monitor elections this year and next.

Department spokeswoman Heather Nauer issued a series of tweets on Venezuela Tuesday. Unable to leave the country, Muchacho will be detained at the intelligence police headquarters in Caracas for now.

The European Union is criticizing the removal of Venezuela's public prosecutor by a newly installed constitutional assembly with nearly unlimited authority to govern. "Witnesses spoke of security forces firing tear gas and buckshot at anti-Government protestors without warning".

The socialists were referring to the new tribunal as Truth, Justice and Reparations Commission. The most prominent example of nuclear proliferation in the post-Cold War era is on the Indian subcontinent.

The statement said those detained had "confessed" to being hired by "extreme-right activists, in connection with foreign governments".

President Nicolas Maduro's all-powerful constitutional assembly is forging ahead on promises to punish the embattled leader's foes.

Maduro seeks 'kangaroo' courts where anyone can go on trial in Venezuela