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Niantic releases new Shiny Pikachu in 'Pokemon GO'

10 Agosto 2017

More recent months have seen the reveal of new shinies, including Shiny Pikachu, suggesting more creatures will see unique variants over time.

"Pokémon GO" is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

At the Pokemon Go Park, the festival's main venue, visitors on Wednesday stopped by hoping to defeat players of the augmented reality game from Japan and beyond. The bug was noticed earlier this week wherein the player's final Premier Ball always fails to capture the Raid Boss, which in some cases are Legendary Pokémon. The end of the Pikachu Outbreak event also coincides with the end of Zapdos' availability.

Shiny Pokémon are rare alternate color versions, and this Pikachu is a rather subtle variation. The game's developers say that it has been downloaded 650 million times worldwide since its release. It's unknown whether this will be permanent change, or if after a certain point it'll be changed back.

Thousands of Pokemon Go players gathered in the Japanese port city of Yokohama to try their hand at catching rare virtual creatures while watching dance shows featuring people dressed as giant Pikachus.

Invites to see the event live are extremely rare and no details have been so far been teased. Assets for a Shiny Pichu were also found in Pokemon Go \/em \u0027s code, but have not been seen yet.

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has revealed that a new event named Pokemon GO STADIUM will be livestreamed to Facebook in Japan.

You can compare the Shiny on the left with the standard Pikachu on the right.

Niantic releases new Shiny Pikachu in 'Pokemon GO'