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GT Sport will not have microtransactions

12 Agosto 2017

Gran Turismo Sport has been largely advertised as a multiplayer-centric racing game, but developer Polyphony Digital recently revealed that the quantity of its single-player content eclipses the multiplayer elements.

This was asked by Gema Show Indo at PlayStation Experience in Malaysia, and the answer will no doubt be a relief to fans of the series.

"It might look focused on online at first glance, but in actuality, the online portion of the game is probably about 15 percent".

So far, known offline content for Gran Turismo Sport includes the Livery Editor, Scapes (photo mode), Arcade mode, and campaign.

For many who were worried that the game would eschew the single player focus the series has traditionally had, this doubtless comes as good news.

Despite the abundance of single-player content, previews for Gran Turismo Sport have panned the title due to the lack of championship cups in campaign mode.

Expect no single-player compromise in Gran Turismo Sport. He did, however, announce DLC and post-launch updates.

This is not just interesting because it goes against the current trend of microtransactions in AAA games, it's also a change from Gran Turismo 6.

GT Sport is out October 17 on PS4.

They're one of the worst business practices in the video game industry.

GT Sport will not have microtransactions