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Conflict with N. Korea will be 'shattering' - Australian PM warns

13 Agosto 2017

Meanwhile Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Australia would come to the aid of the United States if North Korea attacks America.

The President made the announcement on Twitter early Friday morning, saying that "military solutions are now fully in place. should North Korea act unwisely". He also retweeted a US Pacific Command message that said US planes stand ready to "fulfill a #FightTonight mission".

Turnbull told reporters in Canberra the only way to deal with North Korea was with "maximum economic pressure" and welcomed new sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council.

"Western war planners are keen to minimise the death toll and that means a massive stepping-up of intelligence gathering against North Korea".

If the Commons backs the request, at least one of Britain's three Rivet Joint spy planes could fly to a base in Japan within a fortnight.

"Proportionally, Australia uses more ice than almost any other country".

The exercises were scheduled well before tensions began to rise over President Donald Trump's increasingly fiery rhetoric and North Korea's announcement of the missile plan, which if carried out would be its most provocative launch yet.

Earlier today, Trump doubled down on his pledge to bring "fire and fury" to North Korea in a shock statement.

Mr Turnbull will speak at the party's annual meeting on Saturday, where he's sure to tell MPs and members they can win in March.

Conflict with N. Korea will be 'shattering' - Australian PM warns