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Casa » Shocking footage shows Florida streets turning into rivers — Hurricane Irma

Shocking footage shows Florida streets turning into rivers — Hurricane Irma

12 Setiembre 2017

Hurricane Irma weakened as it moved past Tampa on Monday, leaving in its wake a state that avoided the worst predictions of its destruction by sea and storm.

Hurricane Irma made landfall in southwestern Florida on Sunday.

It came from the fat Arturo Fuente Opus X that Jorge Artiles was smoking after he opened his cigar shop in a strip mall.

Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to Tropical Storm Irma, but that doesn't mean it didn't do plenty of damage while at the height of its power. As the storm headed north, threatening torrential rains in Atlanta, a storm-surge warning was discontinued for parts of southern Florida.

"I just hope everybody survived", Mr Scott said. It also brought storm surge risks as high as 4 to 6 feet above normal water levels. Irma's huge wind field is impacting five states: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. He said he spent a lot of the day on his balcony in a hammock measuring the wind. He estimated that half the island's roads were at least partially submerged, and some were impassable.

"We're hunkered down and riding it out at the moment", Mr Cronin said. Nursing homes, shelters, major thoroughfares are priorities.

Insurance experts began offering projections Monday for the total cost of the storm's damage, with initial estimates running in the range of $20 billion to $50 billion. This is calculated based on the velocity and duration of a given storm. And then, in some cases, from Tampa to Orlando. In Jacksonville, Mayor Lenny Curry said that neighbourhoods could be flooded throughout the week.

But all along Miami's streets, signs also remained of the hurricane's fury and the tragic possibilities that might have been.

Housley spoke to one couple who tried to ride out the storm but eventually had to flee to a nearby house. Sadly, humans will never be totally resilient to extreme events and long-lasting impacts remains a major challenge for all. Robert Jenkins and his family were rescued around 9am.

Waters in Jacksonville, in the state's far northeast, sent residents scrambling to the top floors of their houses. "Everywhere you looked, there was water".

While the projected track showed Irma raking the state's Gulf Coast, forecasters warned that the entire Florida peninsula - including the Miami metropolitan area of 6 million people - was in extreme danger from the monstrous storm, almost 400 miles (640 kilometers) wide.

A destroyed home following Hurricane Irma on Vilano Beach outside St. Augustine, Florida, on Monday. The storm made a second landfall hours later as a Category 3 storm on Marco Island, a city and barrier island off Florida's southwest coast, before weakening again. In China, high-end phones from other brands have been gaining ground by undercutting Apple on price.

He said the ocean side of the island chain was "absolutely smashed", with many boats and homes leveled by more than a day of hurricane force winds. When it first hit Florida, it was still a Category 4 hurricane.

Even a weaker Irma possessed the power to disrupt. In news conferences up and down the state, mayors and utility executives delivered the dispiriting statistics: In densely populated Pinellas County west of Tampa, about 70% of Duke Energy's customers, or 395,000 people, were without electricity, with no immediate restoration in sight.

"The hospitals are closed, there are no ambulance services whatsoever, the sheriff's department is not responding to calls".

Shocking footage shows Florida streets turning into rivers — Hurricane Irma