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UN Security Council Steps Up Pressure On North Korea

12 Setiembre 2017

The United Nations on Monday unanimously agreed on its toughest sanctions against North Korea, setting limits on its oil imports and banning its textile exports.

The resolution does not include sanctions the US wanted on North Korea's national airline and the army.

"My delegation condemns in the strongest terms and categorically rejects the latest illegal and unlawful U.N. Security Council resolution", North Korean Ambassador Han Tae Song told the U.N. -sponsored Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.

"The NATO shield in its current state lacks the reach and early warning radars to shoot down North Korean rockets".

The major difference between the Indian and North Korean programmes lies in the American attitude. Russia's envoy said Washington's unwillingness to have U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres try to resolve the dispute "gives rise to very serious questions in our minds".

China's U.N. ambassador urged the council to adopt the freeze-for-freeze proposal and urged the U.S.to pledge not to seek regime change or North Korea's collapse. "If it agrees to stop its nuclear program, it can reclaim its future".

If there's any real difference between the Indian and North Korean positions, however, it's that India claims a plausible justification for its nuclear programme.

In Changchun, the regional capital of Jilin Province, a Bank of China staff member said, "all bank activities related to North Korea are suspended now because it is a sanctioned country". He has also cast doubt on the chance that negotiations could lead Kim to drop his nuclear ambitions.

That would mean North Korea imports nearly 2.2 million barrels a year in petroleum products, so the 2 million barrel cap in the resolution would represent a 10 per cent cut.

The DPRK has developed and perfected the super-powerful thermo-nuclear weapon as a means to deter the ever-increasing hostile moves and nuclear threat of the U.S. and defuse the danger of nuclear war looming over the Korean peninsula and the region.

The textile ban is significant.

A final site in Poland should be ready by late 2018, extending the European umbrella from Greenland and the Azores.

Thornton noted that last month the U.S. rolled out new sanctions targeting Russian and Chinese individuals and entities.

The United States and its allies argue that tougher sanctions will pile pressure on Kim's regime to come to the negotiating table to discuss an end to its nuclear and missile tests.

The latest sanctions also ban joint ventures with North Koreans, along with technology transfers and other economic cooperation.

KELEMEN: It did seem so to many of us who have been watching this.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a huge supporter of Manchester United and believes North Korean football stars will soon break into the English Premier League, according to an Italian senator.

Seoul's presidential office welcomed the new resolution, saying that its approval confirms that the international community holds the shared belief that stronger measures are needed.

"But those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen", he said without elaborating.

"The textile sanctions actually might have more impact, as they are probably a good source of value-added income - value added by people you don't have to pay much - for the regime", he said.

The amount of North Korean investment in China is small and has declined in recent years.

UN Security Council Steps Up Pressure On North Korea