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Shots Fired: Qualcomm Implies Android Always Beats Apple In Smartphone Innovation

13 Setiembre 2017

One of the latest innovations from Qualcomm is making Gigabit LTE connectivity possible on Android smartphones.

The post claims that Qualcomm and Android partners were both the first companies to achieve industry firsts such as wireless charging, dual cameras, phones with OLED displays, bezel-less designs, phones with 4K resolution, and much more.

The day before Apple puts out its new phones - and more specifically the iPhone X - Qualcomm wanted to jump the gun by putting out a list of tech that Android got first.

We then integrate and implement many of these technologies in our world-class mobile platforms, collaborating with, and enabling, countless companies across the globe to commercialize our inventions at both speed and scale, and with a choice for consumers on price points and features.

On the one hand, Qualcomm has a point, and I've argued myself that it is Android leading the way on leading-edge designs and technologies in mobile for a few years now.

As you'd expect for a post essentially meant to counter Apple's flagship launch, Qualcomm kept mum on things like iOS, iPhone and related. They also enable features like always on display and offer superior refresh rates, which helps if the phone is also being used for VR content. In fact, Samsung's Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series since very beginning in 2010, has used the Super AMOLED panels and year after year have set new benchmarks in screen technology. "Although by no means comprehensive, there are a number of technologies and respective mobile devices where they appeared that paved the way for others to come".

Qualcomm is at war with Apple, and at the bottom of this report you'll find the many reports that we've covered on this battle.

iPhone copying AndroidAlthough Qualcomm stops short of out-rightly accusing Apple of copying Android phones, the company does hint that the features in the new iPhones are all borrowed from high-end Android phones. For example, under Iris Authentication/Facial Recognition, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is listed. However, the list has been revised to remove HTC One M7 from the dual camera technology.

Technically, Qualcomm isn't engaged in combat with iPhones, Apple Watches or iDevices of any sort. That said, Qualcomm never outright mentions Apple, but the whole thing still seems kind of suspicious. But the telephoto (lens with bigger zoom) was new idea in the iPhone 7 Plus.