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Gaza Crossings Sealed Off by Israeli State

16 Setiembre 2017

Before carrying out his stabbing, Qatiba Zahran posted that he had intended to die as a martyr in order to "avenge the blood of the martyrs in Palestine", according to an article by Palestinian news agency Al Watan translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). The Palestinians were handed over to the Israeli security forces for questioning.

The Israeli occupation authorities are insisting to impose the Zionist syllabus, which contradicts our religion, values and history.

Maurer stressed that the ICRC's longstanding humanitarian work in the Gaza Strip gives it credibility with the leadership there that other organizations may not have.

He also denounced the Israeli occupation's razing of Al-Shuhada Cemetery, which is adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque from the eastern side, noting that cemeteries are sacred places in all religions.

In its letter, the Israel Marathon Association asked that the Bible Marathon's membership in the international body be restored.

During Maurer's visit to the coastal enclave, however, his request to visit the captives was rejected, with Hamas saying that they wouldn't release any information about their well-being without getting something in return. This is a rarity for an international NGO. But, Netanyahu said recently that the Red Cross has been fair and open in its dealings with Israel.

It provides the only access from the occupied West Bank to Jordan; Israeli occupation forces control the crossing.

Gaza Crossings Sealed Off by Israeli State