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BJP States tell police to push back Rohingya

17 Setiembre 2017

Reports of atrocities preceded the Amnesty report, with testimony from fleeing Rohingya of involvement by security forces in the razing of their villages.

He said the initial group dispersed when police arrived but a mob of around 50 men wielding sticks and knives struck in another part of town.

"The South African government needs to summons the Myanmar ambassador because we are asking ourselves‚ while this genocide continues‚ is it worth it for South Africa to have a diplomatic relationship with a country that is violating human rights?" asked Zaid Fataar‚ a protester.

Nearly three weeks into a crisis that has seen hundreds of thousands of Rohingya flee into Bangladesh, desperation was spreading at refugee camps where aid remains scarce.

In the statement, the first the UN's most powerful body has made in nine years on the situation in Rakhine State, the 15-member council acknowledged militant attacks on Myanmar security forces but "condemned the subsequent violence", and called for "immediate steps to end the violence in Rakhine".

Meanwhile, four C-130 cargo planes took off on Wednesday from Jakarta's Halim Perdanakusuma Airforce Base to deliver 34 tons of rice, ready-to-eat food, water tanks, refugee tents, children's clothing and blankets to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, Indonesian government officials said.

Statements by the council have to be unanimously agreed and traditionally Russia and China have protected Myanmar from censure.

Fear also gripped the Muslim communities in Yangon and Mandalay, which were both affected by anti-Muslim violence in 2013, as rumors of possible attacks on Muslims emerged.

For the proper and equal distribution of aid items to the refugees the Cox's Bazar deputy commissioner's (DC) has already opened a control centre to receive donations and relief items.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has affirmed the Indian Government's full support to Bangladesh's stance over the Rohingya issue.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister A.H. Mahmood Ali led the foreign dignitaries to the U.N. -run Kutupalong refugee camp to meet with Rohingya, who had abandoned their homes in Rakhine as they escaped from the latest cycle of violence there. In order for a country's survival, the survival of a race, or in defense of national sovereignty, crimes against humanity or in-human acts may justifiably be committed as Hitler and the Holocaust.

"Hopefully, they will message their headquarters that repatriation of Rohingya is the only solution", Alam said.

The UN documented mass gang rapes, killings - including of infants and young children - brutal beatings and disappearances committed by security personnel.

However, there have been some instances of cross-community cooperation despite swirling fears.

The ambassadors' visit to the camps could help lead to other countries mounting diplomatic pressure on Myanmar to resolve the crisis, he said.

This policy continued in bits and pieces until the actions escalated in October last year and again this time in 2017 that has successfully reduced the Rohingya population by half in Myanmar.

He called on Myanmar to grant citizenship rights to Rohingya.

"We are very happy to see Buddhists and Muslims are protecting each other", he said.

BJP States tell police to push back Rohingya