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Neymar, Cavani working for the team — Emery

17 Setiembre 2017

A powerful lineup led by one of the world's best has been something the team has lacked for all too long despite their inexhaustible funds and resources.

For Neymar the thing that bugged him at Barcelona was his colleagues, or specifically one.

Already this season, the three forwards have combined to score 16 goals for Paris Saint-Germain.

This argument is difficult to disagree with for anyone who has witnessed Neymar and Mbappe in action alongside Edinson Cavani, with that triumvirate scoring 10 goals in two matches so far.

Whilst football is a universal language on the pitch, it appears that all the Paris Saint-Germain players are expected to communicate in French.

The French club have been inundated with orders over the last 30 days with over 120,000 Neymar jerseys being sold, raking in the club a profit of £7.8million.

"The integration of Mbappe was also natural and quick".

The charity was set up back in 2005 by the Dalglish family to help those diagnosed with breast cancer.

"I think both are smart players". If we can keep showing progress, the whole team will benefit. I don't want to see disrespect for team-mates, the opposition, the club, for the fans, for the issues happening in the world.

Mbappé is likely to start again when Olympique Lyonnais arrive at the Parc des Princes on Sunday to present Unai Emery's men with their stiffest challenge yet this term.

Ideally, the matches would have come the other way around but it is Lyon first.

The camera captured the 25-year-old asking Cavani, who held the ball tight in his grasp, to take the penalty against St. Etienne.

The France international, who - incredibly - signed his first professional deal just over 12 months ago, made only his 42nd top-flight appearance when he suited up for PSG against Metz in Week 5. "They are adults, some of them are fathers, but respect, be careful what you write, be careful what you say because I don't want other guys to feel uncomfortable with what they say on Twitter".

Neymar, Cavani working for the team — Emery