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UFC Fight Night 116: Rockhold vs. Branch Results

17 Setiembre 2017

Fight Network, the world's premier 24/7 multi-platform channel dedicated to complete coverage of combat sports, presents three live mixed martial arts events this weekend, highlighted by the live prelims for UFC FIGHT NIGHT®: Rockhold vs. Branch on Saturday, Sept. 16 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

His career can be summarized in two easy parts: There was the David Branch who washed out of the UFC on his first go-round, and then there's the new David Branch who went out and found himself and became the best middleweight on Earth not fighting in the UFC. A late takedown from Rockhold to close out the round saw the momentum shift, and also gave everyone an indication what was to come next. Branch employed heavy pressure, did all he could to capitalize - FightMetric showed him outlanding the favorite by a 36-19 margin in the first round - and seemed to have the Californian reeling with a flurry of power punches inside the first five minutes. Rockhold doesn't consider St. Pierre a legitimate contender for the title and said he'll stay ready to fight in November if the Canadian former champ backs out. Branch eventually tapped to the storm of shots. Branch submitted 4:05 into the period.

Gregor Gillespie had the lone true submission win of the night, locking in an arm-triangle choke to defeat Jason Gonzalez in the second round. They wanted to do the Yoel Romero fight and he wouldn't fight me in a main event, in a five-round fight. It was one of those improbable upsets that mixed martial arts sometimes throws your way just to keep you from getting too comfortable. Rockhold, once again, took Branch down and moved right into mount. Rockhold held his opponent against the fence.

On the preliminary card, No. 14 middleweight Uriah Hall came back from an ugly first round to knock out No. 10 Krzysztof Jotko.

Lawler (28-11) is coming off a unanimous decision win against Donald Cerrone at UFC 214 in late July. Yeah. That won't happen. He'll retire before he ever gives Rockhold the rematch. St. Pierre will be returning from a nearly four-year retirement, while Bisping hasn't fought since October.

So Rockhold will go on being unhappy. Since then, it's been a waiting game filled with injuries, rumors, and more waiting.

UFC Fight Night 116: Rockhold vs. Branch Results