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Nokia may soon enter 4G feature phone market in India

06 Octubre 2017

Along with these enhancements, it also brings new gesture 'Swipe fingerprint scanner to open notification'.

Nokia took to Twitter a few weeks ago to share with us some of the screenshots of Nokia 8 running Oreo.

Light scratching the back panel shows some scratches that can be easily removed by rubbing off. Scratching with a razor though is a different story. What's first to be discovered as being damaged is the nylon cover on the earpiece.

Except for smartphones that advertise shatter-proof screens or those that don't use Gorilla Glass 5, the screen scratch test is almost always consistent.

Since the back is all metal, the device took hard scratches when tested against blades. HMD Global is a Finnish company which now manufacturers phones under the Nokia brand. When subjected the screen to the fire test, the LCD display's pixels recovered in about 10 seconds.

The cameras could also get a bump (and a not a small one).

However, it is now confirmed that the iconic Nokia 3310 that has been redesigned to sooth the eyes of the current generation of smartphone users is not coming to India and is going to target consumers in Australia and the United States. Although there is no official word on this, it looks increasingly likely that Nokia would go in favor of public rollout straightaway, skipping beta release. If we see a viable business proposition, we will definitely consider it and participate. The primary camera takes coloured shots with OIS, while the secondary one shoots in monochrome. Scratching the home button and the front-facing camera doesn't damage them.

The YouTuber's tests revealed that the Nokia 8 flagship lives up to the brand's reputation of making highly durable phones. Boasting a display between 5 and 6-inches, it would have a resolution of Quad HD+ with an aspect ratio of 18:9, given its thin horizontal bezels.

Nokia may soon enter 4G feature phone market in India