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Cara Delevingne reveals experience with Harvey Weinstein: 'I felt powerless'

12 Octubre 2017

The film academy is calling the sexual harassment conduct Harvey Weinstein is accused of engaging in "repugnant" and "antithetical to the high standards of the Academy and the creative community it represents".

Following Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment scandal, on Tuesday, the Boardwalk Empire star wrote a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter where she confronts rumors she had a "transactional relationship" with the movie producer.

Italian actress and model Ambra Battilana also claimed to the NYT that Weinstein had asked her if her breasts were real in a meeting in New York in 2015, before he allegedly grabbed her chest while putting his hands up her skirt. He said the notion that NBC would try to cover for a powerful person was deeply offensive.

Giangreco said on Tuesday that Emanuel's mayoral campaign will write another check to WOW to cover Weinstein's 2004 contribution.

Barack and Michelle Obama have broken their silence on the sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein. She is another victim Weinstein apparently paid off after police failed to press charges.

Some in Hollywood have called for the film academy to rescind Weinstein's membership. "I support her decision, I am in counseling and perhaps, when I am better, we can rebuild". "She said it wasn't and wouldn't be for a bit and I should go to his room".

That this could happen to an established, male and physically strong actor, proves that it could happen to anyone, and does. I was only 18. Nestor claims that she had been offered a career boost if she accepted Weinstein's advances in 2014.

French actress Lea Seydoux says Harvey Weinstein once jumped on her and tried to kiss her in a hotel room. "I stopped him and managed to get out of the room".

The lack of comment - until Tuesday from the Obama's and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - crusaders against sexual abuse - was noticeable as women stepped forward to tell their stories about Weinstein's sexually predatory behavior. I didn't want to hurt his family. "I don't think it's right what's going on", Lohan said in the Instagram story. "I was also terrified that this sort of thing had happened to so many women I know but no one had said anything because of fear".

To be perfectly clear, Weinstein's issue is not that he's a sex addict.

Cara Delevingne reveals experience with Harvey Weinstein: 'I felt powerless'