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IPhone X not worth the money

12 Octubre 2017

For those unfamiliar, Yelp is a popular crowd-sourced application that makes it easy for users to quickly find nearby restaurants, events, shopping amenities, and more.

Apple is considering investing in the E6 plant in a push for LG to beef up OLED production. "The first batch of the production will be shipped to LG Electronics and some Chinese handset makers, while the production for iPhone is expected to start from as early as 2019 when its new plant, called E6, is completed in Paju, Gyeonggi Province". Additionally, over two-thirds expect to purchase the watch with cellular functionality, putting upward pressure on ASPs.

There's one more trick that can also help if this doesn't allay your battery woes: turning off the "Auto-Brightness" function has apparently helped others, but I haven't had to change this setting. Due to the Apple's new iPhone X boasts a much smaller aspect ratio than that of the other iPhone devices, apps aren't going to eat up the entire display unless they're optimized by developers. If Samsung hits a home run with their new Note foldable smartphone likely to debut next year, then Apple will race like hell to enter this category.

P.S: The iPhone X comes out for pre-order on October 27, 2017 and on shelves on November 3, 2017. "We are seeing a kind of delay in purchasing behavior that we think is a consequence of the number of rumors and reports about future products", CEO Tim Cook told CNBC. By comparison, only 13% of teens intend to get an Android as their next phone, and that's flat with the reading in the spring. The iPhone X will not be available for preorder until Oct. 27. In the year-ago period, Apple reported revenue of $46.9 billion and gross margin of 38%. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Apple.

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IPhone X not worth the money