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Pop Tax Repeal OK Expected Today In Cook County Committee Vote

13 Octubre 2017

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's meddlesome agenda was dealt a blow Wednesday when Illinois' Cook County voted to repeal its soda tax just months after it was adopted.

But one county commissioner has voiced his opinion of why he voted to retain the tax.

Suffredin also highlights one other important component of the repeal that not many have talked about. This money could have been used to reduce overall county taxpayer support for these sectors.

"Nothing good has come from Cook County's beverage tax". As a result, soda drinkers and business owners won't have to pay the tax starting December 1. "Residents and consumers have been forced to pay more on over 1,000 everyday beverages, including diet drinks", the anti-tax Can the Tax Coalition said in a statement on its website. Groceries, restaurants and convenience stores complained the tax was driving consumers to neighboring jurisdictions to avoid the tax.

Preckwinkle has repeated her warning that massive budget cuts and layoffs could result if the penny-per-ounce tax is repealed, with an 11 percent cut across the board now on the table if the measure is overturned next week.

The tax, which was projected to raise $200 million annually, raised $16 million from August 3 to September 20, approximately $2 million less than expected, according to Frank Shuftan, a spokesman for Preckwinkle.

As for how she misread pop tax opposition so badly, she said, "We're in a very hard time in this country politically". They are Seattle; Philadelphia; Boulder, Colo.; and four cities in California: San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and Albany. The county board's president, Toni Preckwinkle, had vigorously defended the penny-per-ounce tax, which had been forecast to raise $200 million annually, on both public-health and fiscal grounds, backed by an advertising push from Michael Bloomberg, the former NY mayor.

Pop Tax Repeal OK Expected Today In Cook County Committee Vote