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Venezuela holds landmark vote as it seeks to end crisis

14 Octubre 2017

National Assembly President Julio Borges plans to leave Venezuela over the weekend to attend an international parliamentary forum in St. Petersburg and meet with Russian lawmakers.

The international community has condemned a crackdown on the opposition and the installation of a new pro-Maduro assembly.

Talks began in the Dominican Republic capital last month to try to agree an agenda for full negotiations aimed at resolving the country's economic crisis, but have made little progress since. In Miranda state, more than 200,000 voters who usually vote in 51 centers have been relocated.

It is a turnaround from the successes of the redistribution policies of Chavez that the World Bank says led to a decline in poverty from 50 percent in 1998 to approximately 30 percent in 2013. At a final campaign event Wednesday in the coastal state of Vargas, opposition candidate Juan Manuel Olivares told the crowed, "Victory will be in your hands. He knew about our business and the size of our operations". But the situation is very difficult.

"We have managed to integrate a tribunal thanks to the international support and above it all, thanks to Venezuelan people", Miguel Angel Martin, who was named chairman of the TSJ by the National Assembly, said at the ceremony that was attended by OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro.

In that regard, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro praised the closing of the revolutionary forces' campaign, which was characterized by specific proposals of work resulting from the discussions with the population for the states' sustainable development.

"The accumulated hatred and helplessness faced with the lack of a solution to the crisis make thse elections and opportunity to send a message of discontent", said Jesus Seguias, director of the Venezuelan Datincorp Institute. GDP is projected to contract 7.4 percent this year. Venezuela's powerful military has so far carried the government through waves of popular unrest, and there are few signs of it withdrawing its support any time soon. He suggested that Venezuela may come to be seen as a lesson to be learnt for Chinese overseas investment, rather than an asset to be recovered.Wherever they come from, however, each new last-minute rescue plan must come at a greater price than the last.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union sent a letter to Maduro earlier this month asking him to ensure that Borges and other delegation members be allowed to travel freely to Russia, according to a copy seen by Bloomberg.

"If they have a successful election, and there's opposition governors taking office, it's kind of hard to refer to them as a dictatorship", Smilde said. Tens of thousands of Venezuelans have reportedly fled to neighbouring countries out of desperation, with many more expected to follow.Perhaps Venezuela has already been sold, and to the lowest bidder.

Venezuela holds landmark vote as it seeks to end crisis