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IU gets No. 5 seed, will play Chattanooga in NCAAs


ET on CBS with Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill and Tracy Wolfson on the call. The long wait is over. It wasn't until after both the South and West Regions were announced that the Mocs were recorded as a No. The seed lines have run from nine to 16 over the 11 visits with 15 (1995/2005) and 16 (1988/2009) serving as the other duplicates. Kentucky will have the late game after the conclusion of the Hoosiers' game. Lee mas »

Sasha and Malia Obama make elegant debut at state dinner


While attending her first official White House State Dinner on March 10, the first daughter got to meet Ryan Reynolds! Beautiful! Prime Minister Trudeau, whose father was former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau , empathized about his own life being the kid of a leader . Lee mas »

Daylight Savings Time Begins at 2 AM on Sunday

Click on for more info and amusing memes! Forget and you'll be running behind time at dawn. But while Daylight Saving Time may be meant to reduce electrical use, it also has become a source of stress for senior citizens and even of increased workplace accidents, Chu said in various media interviews after introducing his bill February 19. Lee mas »

Michelle Obama Stuns In Custom Jason Wu At Justin Trudeau State Dinner


One of her best looks so far. Taiwan-born Wu was raised in Canada. Malia, 17, sat with Oh and Sasha, 14, sat with Reynolds and his wife, actress Blake Lively. But the commander-in-chief got one in himself, mentioning that Trudeau "might well be the most popular Canadian named Justin", referencing Canadian-born pop star Justin Bieber . Lee mas »

Snowmobile strikes Iditarod teams, kills dog


The snowmobile hit the side of Zirkle's sled at 5 miles (8.05 kilometers)out of Koyukuk, turned around multiple times and came back at her before driving off, Alaska State Troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said by email. Jeff King was the first musher to reach Ruby, but is in the midst of his mandatory 24-hour layover. In addition, Crosby, a three-year-old male, and Banjo, a two-year-old male, received non-life threatening injuries. Lee mas »

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly consumes fresh food after a year


In advance of the formal scientific results, however, Kelly revealed some of the effects of his space odyssey - some of them unexpected." 'When is the next crew arriving?' 'When is the next visiting vehicle arriving?' The next EVA, the next robotics, the next big science activity and I think that made a difference for me and my sanity". Lee mas »

Comet Flyby Mars Wreaked Havoc on its Magnetic Field


Information from the MAVEN probe hints that when Siding Spring, a.k.a. comet C/2013 A1, flew by some 87,000 feet within Mars, the red planet's magnetosphere was briefly in a troublesome state. The researchers said that Mars is not protected by a strong magnetosphere like earth. Observing a comet flyby putting that magnetosphere into chaos might not have been expected, but it was a welcome treat for the Mars researchers. Lee mas »

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5


Samsung Electronics ( OTCMKTS: SSNLF ) is all set to launch the S7 and S7 Edge , Android Headlines reports. Unfortunately the lack of Adoptable Storage means Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge owners will have to juggle two separate storage locations, internal storage and the external microSD. Lee mas »

Southeast Louisiana under a flash flood watch


The rain and flooding is part of a weather system that has affected Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama. Davyon Hill, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service's office in Shreveport, said skies have cleared in the region, but the area is not yet out of the woods. Lee mas »

Google's AlphaGo AI Continues to Wallop Expert Human Go Player

The Go master, Lee Se-dol of South Korea, had initially predicted he would beat AlphaGo in at least four of the five scheduled games, arguing that the 3,000-year-old Chinese game requires "human intuition". Although the computer had whitewashed European champion Fan Hui 5-0 last October, it had been expected to struggle against 33-year-old Lee, who has topped the world rankings for most of the past decade. Lee mas »

Dark Souls 3 60fps confirmed on PC, New Gameplay Video Released


Thus, the future of Dark Souls series will not escape the 60 FPS mark and this is the Twitter account of the game that confirms the story. Unfortunately, the publisher has yet to release an archive of Tuesday's stream; however, DualShockers managed to capture around 20 minutes of footage from the Dark Souls 3 portion of the stream. Lee mas »

Watch the Total Solar Eclipse In 34 Seconds


As seen from Earth, the moon is just broad enough to cover the solar face, creating a breath-taking silver halo in an indigo sky. Wow, a total solar eclipse! In parts of Indonesia, where a total eclipse was visible for the first time in 33 years, the event drew tourists and gathered crowds in public places who cheered when darkness fell . Lee mas »

Israel's Donald Trump Cancels Meeting With President Obama


Despite of this, US media reported on Monday that the White House is still keeping efforts to reviving the peace talks alive. Netanyahu's visit in Washington would have coincided with the annual conference of pro-Israeli lobby AIPAC in which he has previously participated. Lee mas »

Nestle voluntarily recalls products that might contain glass


The company did not elaborate. The recall includes 5 varieties of Lean Cuisine meals, 4 types of DiGiorno pizzas, and 4 Stouffer's lasagnas, and 1 Stouffer's spinach soufflé, making up 2.98 million products recalled. Switzerland-based Nestle has its US headquarters in Glendale, California. Production codes and expiration dates for each recalled product can be found at the  Nestle USA website . Lee mas »

Amazon Unveils Echo Dot and Amazon Tap


Learn more about Echo Dot and see a video at To conserve battery power, however, the Tap requires people to touch a button on the front of the device to prompt Alexa to awaken and listen for a question or command. Lee mas »

SpaceX to make fifth attempt on Falcon 9 launch


Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield said that Falcon 9's return to the drone ship "for this profile is a triumph in itself". It is also their third successful launch following a failed one last summer, and the second liftoff for the recently-upgraded Falcon 9 rocket. Lee mas »

Hawaii GOP Presidential Caucus 2016: Polls Close


Observers expect 10,000 or more voters to turn out for the caucus in the largely Democratic state, although Marcia Tagavilla, executive director of the Hawaii Republican Party, says she's hoping to double that number. Despite being small and being sandwiched between Super Tuesday and major battles in OH and Florida, Hawaii's Republican presidential caucus is a big deal in the state. Lee mas »

Hawaii's GOP prepares for caucus night


Initial results are scheduled to be reported at around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, roughly a half hour after the last people has voted. Trump's rivals, like Florida's Marco Rubio, are hoping to capitalize on that potential disconnect with Hawaii voters by running prime time ads. Lee mas »

Latest polls before the Michigan Primary show shift in Republican outcome

Marco Rubio's campaign about whether he should even remain in the Republican presidential race ahead of his home state primary on March 15 , sources say. Sensing weakness, Cruz is opening offices in Florida and a super PAC supporting him announced on Monday it would run anti-Rubio ads in the state . Lee mas »

Teens experience Windows 95 for first time and hilarity ensues


It's hard to believe now, but there was a time when Windows 95 was incredibly exciting. The original Game Boy and other staples from bygone years have been the subject of past videos, as well as old gadgets like film cameras , but this weekend brought Windows 95 and a "prehistoric" computer upon which to run it. Lee mas »

Idaho hopes for clout, turnout in GOP primary


They will use county caucuses which are scheduled to be held on March 22 . Federal laws require Idaho to submit its ballot for review 45 days before the election. "I think having two out of the three top candidates come to Idaho to court us is telling", Johnston said. The earlier a state votes for a candidate, the more influence it will have nationally. Lee mas »

German scientists successfully teleport an object


Classical information is coupled using a process called "entanglement". This means information could be transmitted from a place to another quickly as such particles can be tracked in various places. "With this form of teleportation, we can, however, not bridge any given distance", Szameit explained. A new study by University of Jena researchers has successfully teleported the properties of solid particles in what is hopefully the first step toward discovering a similar procedure for ... Lee mas »

Donald Trump: Marco Rubio 'Has To Get Out Of The Race'


Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off in Nebraska, Kansas and Louisiana. "God bless Kansas", Cruz said after that race was called. While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are leading in the delegate count, the other candidates have shown no signs they are willing to give up on the contest. Lee mas »

Nina Simone's daughter defends Zoe Saldana


Zoe promoted the film by taking to Twitter to share a quote from Simone, but representatives for the singer's estate , who have opposed the biopic from the start, were not pleased with the post and snapped back at the 37-year-old, telling her to "please take Nina's name out your mouth (sic)". Lee mas »

Black Panther bares his claws in 'Captain America: Civil War' clip


They pursued each other through a tunnel, which became engulfed in explosions generated by the skirmish. When the heroes finally get out of the tunnel, they will find War Machine (Don Cheadle) waiting for them. The report notes that the producers have so far not revealed much about Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Giant-Man (Paul Rudd). It appeared as though he was on the scene to detain Captain America . Lee mas »

Phil Spencer Promises Microsoft Is Still Committed To Xbox One


Microsoft has been bringing major first-party Xbox One exclusives to PC, and we have been pretty busy this week keeping up with all the announcements, rumors and fan reactions. Absolutely, I care". Not true at all. This has apparently made some Xbox One owners uncertain about the future of the console. We are more committed to our console and the future of the console than we ever were . Lee mas »

'Batman vs. Superman' Reveals Details of The Flash's Big Cameo

Assuming plans don't change, that is. There are a lot of things that are riding on its outcome with the introduction of the Justice League being one of them. Greg Silverman , the president of creative development and worldwide production at Warner Bros , spoke with Entertainment Weekly for their BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE coverage and let fans know that if they're patient, it will all be worth it. Lee mas »

Scientists to drill into crater formed by asteroid that killed dinosaurs


Scientists believe it may have been a billion times stronger than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The asteroid seriously altered the Gulf of Mexico, removing enough sediment to cover Lake Superior 17 times. cientists believe it may have been a billion times stronger than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The asteroid seriously altered the Gulf of Mexico, removing enough sediment to cover Lake Superior 17 times. Lee mas »

SpaceX Fails To Land Flacon 9 Rocket For a Fourth Time


The launch-which was webcast live by SpaceX-is the fourth try to launch the SES-9 to space, after several aborted attempts over the last week. The Amazon billionaire's New Shepard rocket is not created to deliver satellites or cargo to the International Space Station, which orbits about 200 miles above the planet, but rather to take passengers to the edge of space, about 62 miles above Earth. Lee mas »

Here's what Universal's $350m Nintendo theme park will look like


The physical scope of the project was revealed via a park map (right). The area marked in green represents Universal Studios Japan's existing attraction area, and the red area shows how much space Nintendo's area will occupy. Would you be interested in a Nintendo theme park? "Nintendo has created remarkable and imaginative worlds filled with captivating stories and beloved characters". Lee mas »

Lamborghini Centenario to make its digital debut in new Forza game

If you're already a PC gamer , Apex just might convince you to adopt an Xbox Live gamer tag and possibly carry over any achievements you earn into the Xbox One world. About Microsoft Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Lee mas »

Surface Pro 4 keyboard with fingerprint sensor now out in UK


The Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint ID is an ideal upgrade for Surface Pro 3 customers, allowing Surface Pro 3 to take advantage of the Windows Hello touch capability by unlocking the device with a simple touch. As Neowin reports, the accessory is also available to order online via the Microsoft store in France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, and furthermore it's out in Australia as well priced at AU$250. Lee mas »

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7: What You Need To Know


Pricing for the Galaxy S7 starts at $64 a month on Optus, which has the unlimited talk and text but only includes 500MB of data. Confirmation as to when it will be selling has been made by Samsung Mobile Communications chief Koh Dong-jin, relates GSM Arena . Lee mas »

YouTube 'drug fairy' dead in apparent overdose


The New York Post reports Turk's death was likely due to an overdose. The song, My World Is So Blue , is a reference to the oxycodone epidemic that has deeply affected Staten Island in NY. In 2013, Turk was involved in a massive drug bust in which 32 people were arrested. Sources who said authorities are investigating Turk's death as an overdose, did not elaborate. Lee mas »

Forza Motorsport drifts onto Windows 10

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex features a new objective and scoring system, which challenges the player to grow their skill and compare scores with their friends, and each event is a completely unique experience with unending replay value. From the sounds of it, it won't be a full blown Forza Motorsport 6 experience like is played on the Xbox One , but rather a curated experience that is anchored by a 12-event "Showcase Tour" which will introduce gamers to the franchise. Lee mas »

105 held over deadly Lagos riots that killed 3


A bloody clash in the Mile 12 Market axis of Lagos State is reportedly going on now. "Furthermore, I have ordered temporary restriction of movement in four streets-Oniyanrin, Maidan, Agiliti 1 and Agiliti 2 streets". Today, I have just been informed that some hoodlums and criminal elements have exploited that dispute to cause a breakdown of law and order in the community. Lee mas »

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Bringing It On Apple


As Neowin reports, the accessory is also available to order online via the Microsoft store in France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, and furthermore it's out in Australia as well priced at AU$250. The Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint ID is nearly identical to the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with the only difference being the slightly higher price point and the small square to the right of the trackpad for scanning fingerprints. Lee mas »

Layoffs hit IBM, including Research Triangle Park locations


IBM ended 2015 with a worldwide headcount of 377,757, it reported. Conrad, who now runs the Facebook page Watching IBM , was asking IBMers to post updates online. According to Conrad, that pay used to be up to 23 weeks. While not directly addressing the layoffs, IBM, via email, described to CRN a dynamic in which the company was rejigging the skill sets of its employee base. Lee mas »

Xbox One Backward Compatibility: Microsoft adds games to Xbox 360 collection


Games purchased in this manner will come with both Xbox 360 and Xbox One licenses, so if you do buy the Xbox 360 game via your Xbox One, you will still be able to hop onto a physical Xbox 360 and play it there as well. If you're using the Xbox One Twitch App, you'll be able to include your party chat in your broadcasts from now on. The month of February is coming to an end, and for subscribers of Xbox Live Gold, this means that a new set of free games will be available for download. Lee mas »

'No Credence' To Report That Ailes Is 'Finished' With Rubio


Then there is the recent New York Times report on a private meeting between Rubio and Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer in 2013 where they successfully sold Ailes and Fox's parent News Corporation head Rupert Murdoch on the Gang of Eight immigration bill. Lee mas »

Watch The upcoming Xbox One Update


Such has enticed the company to look into more Xbox 360 games that may be played on the Xbox one with no extra charge. This includes party members on Windows 10 PCs. This latter expansion applies to both the Preview program and the Xbox app. Xbox Live Games with Gold subscribers with the new-gen console can also opt to stop the world from succumbing to a fearsome god's demonic forces in the action RPG " Lords of the Fallen ", available from March the 16th to April the 15th. Lee mas »