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Apple iPad Pro: The "Ultimate PC Replacement", Microsoft Beware


Apple  also stated that the new iPad Pro is "the ultimate PC replacement". The latest information provides additional detail on the cellular model, which will ship with an embedded  Apple  SIM,  according  to  Re/code . But don't count  Apple  out. An  Apple  representative confirmed the lack of mouse support in the new iPad in the showroom where the company was showcasing its new devices after the event. Lee mas »

Microsoft Adds Three New Games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility


With a little over 100 playable titles, we learn that three new games have been newly added. This is because there have been leaks around Games with Gold in the past as well and not all of them have ended up being correct. If you own an  Xbox 360 game  that is now compatible for  Xbox One , you can download your game on the  Xbox One  and play it from there.   If you haven't played the first  Assassin's Creed  in a while then be prepared for an eye-opening journey back to the series' ... Lee mas »

New Games Added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility


This week, three new games have been ushered into the compatibility club: Assassin's Creed , Dark Void , and Grid 2 . That used to be a monthly basis at first until recently Microsoft said they will just release games as they become available instead of saving them up for one big monthly release. Lee mas »

A Lunar Eclipse Is Happening Wednesday: Here's How To See It


Those most likely to see the phenomenon are those in western and central parts of North America. While the moon will be extremely bright at -12.4 magnitude, Jupiter will be visible as well with a brightness of -2.5 magnitude. "If you saw the penumbral lunar eclipse of March 13th, 1998 which was visible from most of North America, then you caught the last lunar eclipse of the series". Lee mas »

NASA to Launch Orbital ATK Spacecraft for 5th Resupply Mission to ISS

For the period of over five months, Expedition 47 will look into more than 250 science fields that are all set to improve not only Earth science but other fields as well including technology and physical sciences, marking another addition to the over 1,700 research investigations made on board the ISS. Lee mas »

Mac Pro update needed during Apple's March 2016 event

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple , is expected to make some announcements related to the existing line of iPhone and iPad devices. It's so powerful that it beats some of Apple's own laptops in benchmarking tests invented to test performance. While the device will be aesthetically similar to the iPhone 5S, other features will be more similar to the iPhone 6 and 6S like the 12 megapixel camera and the 4K video recording feature. Lee mas »

Total Lunar Eclipse This Wednesday - Last Total Lunar Event for 2 Years


Such events account for about 35% of all eclipses. Like us on Facebook The eclipse will reach its greatest point on Wednesday at 7:48 a.m. Eastern Time. The faint eclipse will see the moon pass through the Earth's shadow, with only 22% of its body getting under the canopy of the shadow. A lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth passes between the Moon and sun. Lee mas »

The Division Update Makes Going Rogue In The Dark Zone More Rewarding


Now, dying in the dark zone doesn't carry the same hefty penalties, meaning you keep more of your cash, Dark Zone experience and Pheonix credits for buying better gear should you cop it. High-End Division Tech Material will also receive an increased drop rate from level 32 named NPCs in the Dark Zone , too. Ubisoft are also reinstating the weapon talent: Trained, although with some modifications. Lee mas »

Older Kindles need to be updated by March 22 to stay online


Fans of Amazon's classic Kindle e-readers must beware as the e-commerce giant has announced that devices that were created from 2007 to 2012 must have their systems updated by March 22. Those users will have to install the update manually. Instead of updating the device when it's connected to the Internet over a wireless or Wi-Fi connection, you'll have to do it manually with your computer and a USB cable. Lee mas »

EA Previews 'Battlefront' Outer Rim Expansion With Gameplay Trailer


The development team at DICE has promised that a big update for Star Wars Battlefront is coming alongside the new Outer Rim downloadable content pack, and full patch notes have been revealed for the update, which is apparently around 8 GB big and will start deploying to all platform soon . Lee mas »

Samsung Flow helps Windows 10 tablet work better with Galaxy Android devices

Patently Mobile  has reported that Samsung may introduce a new S-Pen with  Note  6. Samsung  has started pushing  Android  6.0.1 Marshmallow update for the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge+ for Indian customers. You can also receive notifications directly from the latest Galaxy flagship to the tablet. In the past this problem has not been reported with the S6 edge devices, and it looks like this is some sort of a glitch which could be fixed with a software update. Lee mas »

Total solar eclipse: See photos of the event from Asia


Path of the March 9/8 eclipse. Because the eclipse path crosses the International Date Line, in the local time zones it will begin on Wednesday 9 March and end on Tuesday 8 March. Viewing this total solar eclipse won't just be about the spectacular view. The world's next total solar eclipse will occur in August 2017 and be visible in the United States, according to NASA . Lee mas »

Catch the lunar eclipse on Wednesday evening


Eagle-eyed skywatchers get those heads up early Wednesday: A "penumbral" lunar eclipse will slip across the skies. At best, at mid eclipse, very observant people will notice a dark shading on the moon's face. The eclipse will reach its peak from the eastern horizon at 6.23 pm when 77 per cent of the moon's disk will be in the earth's penumbral shadow, he noted. Lee mas »

Recent storms put California drought emergency in question


We can reduce the impacts from over-pumping and replenish our groundwater by making sure floodwater, urban stormwater and treated wastewater can easily soak into the ground and restore our supplies. California residents will continue their water conservation ways after a March 1 measurement of the snowpack in the Sierras yielded less than desired results. Lee mas »

Tom Clancy's The Division Rises to the Top on Xbox One

So, it is clear that, in case you own both the current gen consoles, you might be more keen in buying the Xbox One version rather than the PS4. Being the top game to play, much like Destiny before it, we believe it will become the staple grind for many players in the upcoming months. Lee mas »

Apple aims to bolster lineup with new iPhone

According to 9to5Mac's sources, the new iPad Pro will not replace the iPad Air 2, but its predecessor, the iPad Air, is expected to be discontinued soon. Apple's iPhone SE is expected to release on the 21, and this has now nearly been confirmed, thanks to an image that has been leaked by a Dutch website . Lee mas »

Microsoft's Quantum Break to run at 720p on Xbox One?


In the end, we thought that may not be an issue due to Remedy mentioning that the final product will run at 1080p. "A temporal reconstruction anti-aliasing solution is a strong contender-a technique where information from previously rendered frames is blended with the current one". Lee mas »

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy year's Galaxy


Likewise, its predecessor, the Galaxy S7 was released with a glass back that gives it a premium look, and it's much better than the plastic shell with perforated dots that was introduced on the Galaxy S5. Lee mas »

Microsoft Spring Sale 2016 - Buy The Xbox One At $299 Only


At the moment, Microsoft is not officially talking about the sales of the Xbox One , but third party sources are saying they are around the 20 million mark, which is relatively low given that Sony has confirmed the PlayStation 4 has gone past 36 million units. Lee mas »

Apple's March 21 event: Here's what to expect


The phone is expected to run on the powerful, Apple A9 processor. So the company will likely look to close a loop, which may have been leaking all sort of potential revenues. It won't support the pressure sensitive system for touch input. The iPhone 4S features an A5 chipset, along with a 512MB RAM. It's expected to have the guts of an iPhone 6S, but the girth of an iPhone 5. Lee mas »

Martavis Bryant is not getting cut — Steelers GM


At the same time, we hope, to the extent where it is allowable, we will try to get him help, make sure he gets rehab and those kinds of things, but it is a disappointing situation to say the least.   In early March, the team signed veteran Darrius Heyward-Bey to a three-year contract with Bryant's impending suspension in mind. He will, however, be forced to forfeit his 2016 salary of $600,000, though the team will be credited that amount toward this season's salary cap. Lee mas »

Here's When You Can Order PlayStation's Virtual Reality Headset


At least 50 of those titles will be available when the system launches in October. The final major player in the virtual reality market has finally announced its release date and price. Are you going to get them separately, or would you prefer to have them arrive in a bundle? The VR headset weighs roughly 610g while the processor unit weighs 365g. Lee mas »

'Twin' comets to fly 'remarkably close' to Earth on Monday


This discovery coincides with the expected flyby of Comet 252P/LINEAR on March the 21st, which will swing past our planet at a close (yet safe) distance of 3.3 million miles (approximately 14 times the Earth-moon distance). After its discovery in June, it was seen in skies in late June and early July, with Charles Messier, the astronomer who discovered it, describing its coma as more than four times the size of a full moon. Lee mas »

'Gold Rush' Grandfather And Miner John Schnabel Dead At 96


This is one of the many reasons why " Gold Rush " in particular became a ratings sensation to a network in Discovery that has so many other shows that are set either in Alaska or off the beaten path. Born in Kansas in 1920, Schnabel was during his life a bootlegger who fled to Alaska to escape the authorities and later, a soldier in the Army Air Corps during World War II. Lee mas »

Sanders concedes defeat to Clinton in Missouri primary


Second, Sanders himself says he's already outperformed expectations before. The next Democratic primary takes place Tuesday in Arizona. Part of that constituency that Clinton needs to make inroads into is younger voters. It won't be easy. There are 221 who have yet to commit to a candidate. Does this mean that young people will vote for the Republican nominee? The area has voted against Clinton in the past. Lee mas »

Chris Evans tells Jeremy Irons to apologise after actor swears on air


Despite Evans chastising Paloma Faith for laughing, fans soon took to Twitter to make light of the slip-up with some deeming it "glorious". Jeremy then accidentally let slip the F-bomb, telling a shocked Chris: "John said "then the actor was f**ked", to which the radio host immediately replied: "No, you can't say that". Lee mas »

Microsoft apologizes for GDC party with skimpily-clad dancers


With Microsoft being one of the biggest brands in all of gaming, it is thoroughly unacceptable and entirely baffling that they considered this an acceptable form of entertainment for their Game Developers Conference party. Microsoft is now under fire for hiring exotic dancers during a corporate-sponsored GDC party. It was absolute hypocrisy and unnecessary - we're trying to move forward and become more progressive as an industry, but that won't happen if the culture doesn't change.  ... Lee mas »

Tom Clancy's The Division


In a post on the official website of The Division , Ubisoft noted that an update will be coming next week, and it's going to bring several changes. Gamers have also been asking for improvements to the Dark Zone mechanics and more variety when it comes to weapons and equipment. With that in mind, the amount of time it must have taken him to reach DZR 99 must have been huge, especially when factoring how much time you could lose from a single death. Lee mas »

Microsoft finally begins Windows 10 Mobile roll-out


The app for the desktop has been there since July, which allows users to access the social network through their Windows 10 PCs and Laptops; however, the application was missing from the mobile variant. Microsoft said the upgrade will use "some" device storage space and warned users "may need to remove unneeded files from your device to complete the upgrade". Lee mas »

Will the first Gold Samsung Galaxy S7 cause shockwaves to the iPhone7?


Customers will receive up to $695 in bill credits for the free phone spread out over 30 monthly bills for the second device, according to the company. "Available in Black Onyx and priced at $649.99 (plus tax), Galaxy S7 can be paired with no-contract plans from Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, giving customers a couple of great options to fit their needs", said Sprint corporate relations officer, Danielle Babbington. Lee mas »

Weather With Webb: Vernal Equinox Sunday


On Sunday, March 20, 2016, at 12:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, the vernal equinox will occur in the Northern Hemisphere, and the autumnal equinox will occur in the Southern Hemisphere. If you look on the various websites or calendars you may also see that it lists the date for this year's equinox to be March 20th. In a year there are two equinoxes ( spring and autumn) and two solstices (summer and winter). Lee mas »

IBM's Real World Sword Art Online is Being Tested


Now, it's really happening. The project is being demoed between March 18 and March 20. Right now, it isn't known if other people will get a chance to try out the demo, or if it will make an appearance at any more events. Sword Art Online: The Beginning  is the step in between today's technology and that featured in the anime. You can check some screens of the game and pictures of the event below. Lee mas »

Watch Astronaut Scott Kelly Jump Into a Pool After Year in Space


Since his return, Kelly attended a live interview with NASA TV and spoke about the importance of space and how it affects our economy. While the year-long mission was not the first time Kelly had traveled to the orbital satellite, he said that the effects the journey had on his body were much more pronounced this time around than in his previous missions. Lee mas »

Baby Bald Eagles Are Hatching in Washington, D.C.


This is breaking news, we'll be updating shortly. Two nesting bald eagles in the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington D.C.-lovingly nicknamed "Mr. Egg #1 is expected to hatch as early as Tuesday. Last year, the couple raised a single chick in the same nest. Bald eagle nests can be as large as 10 feet wide and weigh half a ton. Lee mas »

Hillary Clinton trains her gun at Donald Trump


Trump has won at least 159 delegates in Tuesday's contests. By capturing Florida, Trump will win all 99 of the state's delegates, giving him a huge lift in his drive to the nomination. In a speech that served as a thinly-veiled rebuke of Trump's campaign tactics, Rubio warned that the politics of division will leave America a "fractured nation". Lee mas »

Marco Rubio Suspends Campaign After Losing Florida Primary


John Kasich says he won't take the "low road" in his party's divisive presidential primary after a home-state win in Ohio. "While we are on the right side this year, we will not be on the winning side", Rubio, a first-term senator who is not seeking Senate re-election, told supporters in Miami as he pulled out of the race. Lee mas »

Ted Cruz eager for GOP primary to become two-man race


Add it all up, and Trump needed Missouri to have a majority of delegates as he heads west for next week's primary in Arizona and caucuses in Utah. After all, about 60 percent of Republican-leaning voters don't support Trump as the party's nominee. Lee mas »

Spotify To No Longer Support Windows Phone Devices


The good news is that Spotify is not abandoning the Windows platform - and rather will keep on keeping its application  updated , with another  update  releasing today, version 5.2. The  site  that leaked the news,  Windows Blog Italia , did not reveal the link unfortunately which means that we have to rely on the information they provide instead. Lee mas »

Todd Palin Expected to Recover From Snowmobile Accident

Donald Trump walks with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in New York City in 2010. Davis raced for years with Palin in Alaska's annual 2,000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race. However, she appeared with Trump at a rally later Monday in Tampa . Ted Cruz even went to his Twitter account and sent his best wishes to Todd Palin. Lee mas »

2 plane parts to be examined in Australia for links to MH370


The teenager's cousin said that the piece looked like part of an aero plane, it is three to four feet long and made from stainless steel. The aircraft debris is the second found on the coasts of Mozambique since the disappearance of the flight MH370 On 8 March 2014 which was carrying 239 people. Lee mas »

Microsoft Lumia 650 - a step forward towards the Surface Phone


Microsoft has been a company which has been coming out with update after update and has been changing the way the world of technology functions. In its report, The Inquisitr said that although Microsoft has not really officially announced the release of the Microsoft Surface Phone, it is "pretty much a given". Lee mas »

Researchers Say Projections Underestimate Sea Level Rise Impact


The study  shows that previous research - using current population estimates plus future sea level rise projections - likely underestimates the risk exposure of coastal states. Petersburg, Florida, and Charleston, South Carolina are the states representing the most of population in this case, the study found. Heat-trapping greenhouse gases cause more land ice (such as glaciers and ice sheets) to melt and water to expand. Lee mas »

New Sword Art Online Movie Details Revealed


In other news, it seems that the plot details for "Sword Art Online" season 3 could be based on the "Alicization" arc as producer Shinichiro Kashiwada stated in an interview that he would like to see Kirito and the rest of "SAO" characters featured in the storyline since is not yet incorporated in the anime show. Lee mas »

Dos Equis retiring 'the most interesting man in the world'


A new "Most Interesting Man in the World" will appear in commercials later this year. "Our millennial drinker has changed quite dramatically, and the competition has only exploded with the advent of craft [beer]". Our hero takes a few moments to say farewell to a few people in the crowd, sharing a laugh with a Buddhist monk as he gives him his auto keys, and giving his beloved wooden golf putter to another admirer, who in return gives the Most Interesting Man in the World a farewell photo of ... Lee mas »