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William Shatner Sued for $170 Million in Paternity Lawsuit


He's also demanding  Shatner  consent to a paternity test and is asking for a jury trial, according to the  New York Post . Peter Sloan  claims the star, who played Captain James T. Shatner , whose net worth has been estimated at $300 million, has three daughters from the first of his four marriages. Shatner's  attorneys warned  Sloan  against using  Shatner's  name to promote his activities, which in the past included the radio show and plans for a tell-all book and a screenplay. Lee mas »

Listen To Drake's New Song 'Controlla' Feat. PopCaan


Close pal and Barbados native Rihanna , 28, must have rubbed off on Drizzy because he has developed a cool, tropical vibe with " Controlla". The first is titled " Controlla " and features Jamaican dancehall artist Popcaan . It's actually a cover of Nico's 1967 single " These Days ". Drake fans who can't wait for the rapper's upcoming album Views From The 6 will be glad to hear that two of his tracks have been leaked online. Lee mas »

Who Wins The Fight Between Batman And Superman In Dawn Of Justice


Using the trajectories of previous superhero movies with hefty previews like  Avengers: Age of Ultron  and  The Dark Knight Rises , Box Office Mojo has set its forecast at  $166.2 million . He said that the most frustrating part about the critic's reviews of the film is that they are looking at it as if it is not a superhero film at all, which is inaccurate. Lee mas »

'Captain America: Civil War' International Trailer Drops, Features New Footage


What else do we learn from the  trailer? Fans will also get to participate in a range of Captain America: Civil War themed activities there (more event updates will be announced on www. There are things the film could do that would tease some of these other films but none of them are things that  Civil War  outright has to do. Team Iron Man is led by Tony Stark and Team Cap is led by Steve Rogers i.e. Lee mas »

Negan & Lucille Prepare for War in 'Walking Dead' Season 6 Finale Poster


Struggling to live with the choices you have to make to survive. "Everything we need is right here inside these walls and we're not losing any of it again". Morgan: "No. You started something ". So what are we to think? In the episode's biggest moment, Carol who is still fighting her inner killer, is passed on the road by the Saviors , who shoot her tires out. Lee mas »

William Shatner's Alleged Son Wants $170 Million and a Paternity Test


According to New York Post's Page Six column, Peter , 59, has demanded William have a DNA test and stop saying he isn't his dad. She gave him up for adoption at 5 days old. It was at that point, says Sloan in his suit, that he received a letter from Shatner's lawyer, Erik Hyman. The suit cites as examples a statement to the Tribune by Shatner publicist Cherry Hepburn, who said in May: "This person has fraudulently portrayed himself as Mr. Lee mas »

Patty Duke, child star and Oscar victor, dies at age 69


Patty Duke , who won a supporting actress Oscar playing Helen Keller in " The Miracle Worker ", starred in the 1960s sitcom "The Patty Duke Show" and was an advocate for awareness of mental illness, died Tuesday. Astin's co-star Elijah Wood tweeted his condolences saying, "My heart goes out to @SeanAstin and the entire family". She was Patty and Cathy and Anna, and so much more. Lee mas »

Batman Vs. Superman: WB Says A Disconnect Exists Between Critics and Fans


With " Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice " on its way to hitting $500 million worldwide sometime this week, it still needs to earn $800 million to be a break even for Warner Bros. distribution executive vice president. You can read our quick review roundup here, and this quote pretty much sums it up:"Shamelessly, Batman v Superman lunges for a funereal mood in its final stretch, but come on: We all know superheroes don't die, not when there are reboots in the balance". Lee mas »

Mark Ballas provides update on his 'Dancing with the Stars' back injury


However, VanZant and Bersten ended up tying for first place on the judges' leaderboard with 24 out of 30 points. We're sending  Mark  all the best and hope he feels better! VanZant also turned 22 on Saturday, and Ballas announced on Instagram that they were "'throwing' her a big birthday bash". Lee mas »

The Walking Dead Teases Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Negan


Instead, he's aiming a bit lower. The only thing that fans had to go on to determine Daryl's fate, were Dwight's chilling last words as the episode officially closed: "You'll be alright ". In an interview with EW, Kirkman said , "I think everybody on the show recognizes it for the iconic, monumental moment that it is in the comic book series". Lee mas »

Final Box Office figures released for Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

And audiences clearly want a piece of that dream: " BvS " grossed $170.1 million its first weekend in theaters, a record-breaking opening for a March film and the sixth-largest domestic opening ever . " My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 " is a follow-up to the 2002 box office phenomenon, which grossed $368 million at the global box office. Well, in a deleted scene just released by Warner Bros., it appears we get our answer. Lee mas »

Is It True? Axl Rose & AC/DC Spotted Leaving Same Rehearsal Space


Jason Bailey, an Atlanta-based radio DJ, revealed last week that "a very good source" confirmed that Rose already auditioned for the job and signed on to front AC/DC . This caused the band to announce the postponement of ten American tour dates. TMZ managed to snap shots of Rose entering the same studio as AC/DC's Cliff Williams , Chris Slade and Angus Young. Lee mas »

Spotify rolls out an update to Windows Phone app


Listen to your music, wherever you are. Previous versions of the program disabled the "Disable Get Windows 10 App" button if the app couldn't be found. Users have access to the same features as the smartphone app, including hailing rides and editing payment and account settings. If you're on Windows 7 or 8.1 and want to stay away from Windows 10, you can either try to fight the upgrade on your own (which we all know is quite a challenge) or turn to GWX Control Panel, a solution that does the ... Lee mas »

Despite Bad Reviews, Batman Vs Superman Shatters Records


That's of course the day Captain America: Civil War releases. Abrams' job in shaping the rebirth of potentially the most lucrative franchise of all time was nearly more custodial than creative, and the underlying relief that characterized numerous film's reviews , it felt like a good summation of the state of the blockbuster landscape in the mid-2010s. Lee mas »

First Look At Gal Gadot & Chris Pine In Wonder Woman Movie


The Russian turncoat siren-she was a spy for her motherland before joining the U.S. spy agency SHIELD-stuns in a venomously skintight suit in jet black. "Come for the joyless man-boys who love their mommies pummeling each other, stay for one of the only things worth getting excited about", said The Daily Beast in reference to Gadot. Lee mas »

Frank Sinatra Jr. Passes Away at 72


His father paid a ransom of $240,000 two days later and Frank, Jr. was released. He opted to use  Frank Sinatra Jr .as his own professional name. A friend of the young Sinatra's sister Nancy and two of his accomplices were arrested and convicted, although they claimed in their defense that it was all an elaborate publicity hoax engineered by the young singer. Lee mas »

DWTS: Mark Ballas Backup Is Alan Bersten


Without much notice, the word came through on Monday that Ballas would not be dancing, leaving Paige VanZant to team up with Troupe member, Alan Bersten . An injury is, unfortunately, one of those things in the competition that you really need to take care of and not over-exert. She had earlier insisted that her career gives her a competitive advantage as she has to "go in for the kill" every fight, and also teased pro partner Mark about how she would 'make him more of a man'. Lee mas »

Better Call Saul Season 2 Recap: 2.7: Inflatable


Kim has a proposal. It's a great idea, and a solid compromise on Kim's part. That means, loud suits and annoying behavior are on the books, and once he breaks out a set of bagpipes Clifford (Ed Begley Jr) finally gives in and gives him the heave-ho (telling him he thinks he's an "asshole" along the way). Lee mas »

Woman saved after attempting to catch a cruise ship


However Brown lost sight of her husband, Michael Brown, and thought he had returned to the Marco Polo ship. "I think it was impulsive, to try to swim to the boat... "She was rescued from the water four hours later suffering hypothermia". The Marco Polo was due to dock in Lisbon this morning, and the ship's captain was contacted and informed of the incident. Lee mas »

Mother Angelica remembered fondly at Eternal Word Television Network

The New York Times , meanwhile, digs up this line from a 1995 profile in Time: Mother Angelica is "an improbable superstar of religious broadcasting and arguably the most influential Roman Catholic woman in America". Despite its humble beginnings, EWTN Global Catholic Network calls itself the world's largest religious media network. "The most important piece of knowledge there is - God loves me, and God loves you!" Mother Angelica's funeral mass will allow for those who will gather ... Lee mas »

Batman v Superman parodies gain traction after opening day

Warner Bros. will be happy with the opening weekend take as it can now justify its $250 million budget for this movie. Associated Press writer Jake Coyle credited "the allure of seeing two of the most iconic superheroes battle it out" as having caused " Batman " to achieve its records. Lee mas »

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Spotted on DATE NIGHT: Are They Back Together??


Earlier in the day, the family was joined by Lamar and Khloe and he looked like the most adorable measure-in parents while Penelope Disick and toting Mason insisde. "Like, OK, I hope that first marriage could happen again, but it's really hard to erase everything that happened", she said . Though the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star has been insistent that she and Odom won't rekindle their romance, she was once again spotted out with him. Lee mas »

Kehlani & Kyrie Irving Done, Singer Back with PARTYNEXTDOOR?

In the now-deleted photo, PARTYNEXTDOOR's arm is seen next to Kehlani's famously tatted hand as the two watched Dope . It's unclear whether Kyrie and Kehlani were still together when Kehlani was pictured with PND, but what we do know is that people are mocking him. Lee mas »

Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN, dies on Easter Sunday

Often appearing as an on-air personality herself, Mother Angelica was forced to retire after suffering from a series of strokes in 2001. Mother Angelica died on Easter Sunday at 5 p.m., just hours after throngs of tourists had crowded the cathedral-style chapel next to the Our Lady of the Monastery for Easter services. Lee mas »

Are Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Heading for Splitsville?


Andy brought up the subject of Cynthia's marriage , pointing out that Peter stated during the reunion that he now lives in Charlotte and occasionally visits Atlanta. "We're barely in the same house together, so counseling would be really tough to squeeze in", Cynthia admits. We're the only couple on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta that actually was married. Lee mas »

'The Walking Dead' trailer for season finale feature Negan

And their fight had deadly consequences. At least she got a cute haircut before everything went to hell. She killed almost all of them, with the only survivors playing possum or on the verge of death. TWD 6×15 won't be totally filled with terror. Meanwhile, everyone else in Alexandria is aghast at Carol's sudden departure. When Tobin awakens in the morning and finds her gone, he immediately tells Rick , who heads out with Morgan to find her . Lee mas »

Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN, dies on Easter


EWTN's chairman Michael Warsaw said Mother Angelica would always personify the network. The Nuns had converted the garage of their monastery into a television studio by 1980. "She had a lot of help, obviously, but that was part of her genius", Chaput told the Catholic News Agency . Mother Angelica was fearless because she had God on her side. Lee mas »

Wildfire in Oklahoma, Kansas displaces cattle

Officials continue to monitor the overall damage in the county and are trying to determine if the damage estimates meet or exceed the threshold necessary to qualify for a FEMA Disaster Declaration that would provide public assistance for damaged public infrastructure. Lee mas »

Wind speeds increasing as Kansas, Oklahoma fight wildfire

Governor Sam Brownback meets with firefighters in Barber County, Saturday, March 26, 2016. Hundreds of firefighters were battling a wildfire Thursday, March 24, 2016, that spread from Oklahoma to Kansas and has burned an estimated 625 square miles. Lee mas »

Los Angeles store clerk fatally stabbed in convenience market robbery


Two married 7-Eleven employees were stabbed, one of them fatally, when they attempted to stop a robbery on Friday, police said. LAPD Lt. Mike Kozak told KTLA the stabbings happened outside the 7-Eleven, in the parking lot. As the L.A. Times reports, police found the man walking down the street with a Mickey's and hot dog. He was arrested and will be booked on suspicion of murder, Jenal said. Lee mas »

Batman Vs. Superman Review: Is Wonder Woman Immortal?


Gadot steals the few scenes in which she appears - and she's the best part of that final fight, especially when she shows the sheer joy Wonder Woman takes in battle. And let's be honest - you wouldn't want to mess with them. DC released a photo Thursday (above) of Wonder Woman with her fellow Amazonians, including House of Cards star Robin Wright, and they look badass. Lee mas »

Shemar Moore discusses his departure from 'Criminal Minds'


For years, he wowed soap opera fans as the study Malcolm Winters on CBS'™ Emmy-winning " The Young and the Restless ". "Derek did not die", Moore , 45, told E! Fans learned of the news during Wednesday's episode, when his character, Derek Morgan, made a decision to leave the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit to focus on his family. Lee mas »

Ben Affleck Reacts to 'Batman v Superman' Reviews In This Hilarious Meme


Unfortunately, the sequel,  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , has been  panned  by critics so far (scoring even lower than  Daredevil  on Rotten Tomatoes).  Making their media rounds to promote the film, Affleck and co-star Henry Cavill sat down with Yahoo Movies UK   on Thursday, and the conversation ventured into the movie's poor critical reception. Lee mas »

'Batman v Superman' tops weekend box office with $170.1 million

Gold Circle Entertainment, HBO and Playtone produced the sequel for $18 million and brought back original stars Nia Vardalos and John Corbett . "After 14 years, it's fantastic that this was not a big, fat Greek funeral", say Bock. RealD, the leading licensor of 3-D technologies, accounted for an estimated $47 million of the film's domestic box office, while IMAX theaters pulled in $18 million domestically. Lee mas »

Brie Bella Set To Retire From WWE In-Ring Competition


Even though the card was known beforehand, the WWE Universe didn't realize that they were about to be treated to one of the greatest WrestleManias of all time. Afterwards, she will make her retirement announcement at Monday Night Raw . On a related note, Bryan's new father-in-law is WWE producer John Laurinaitis as he and The Bella Twins' mother Kathy Colace were married this week. Lee mas »

Rolling Stones play free Good Friday concert in Cuba


Cuba's government had banned most western rock and pop music, which was deemed decadent and subversive, until about 15 years ago. It's the first time The Rolling Stones have played the island; they're the biggest act to play since Fidel Castro's communist government took power in 1959. Lee mas »

'Game of Thrones' Star Sophie Turner Doesn't Want Sansa Stark to 'Survive'


New photos from Game of Thrones Season 6 sets reveal a lot of the show's plot. (It's fittingly titled, "Dame of Thrones .") "The women are rocking this season", HBO programming president Michael Lombardo told the magazine. From Emilia Clarke's dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen to Lena Headey's actual queen Cersei Lannister, " Game of Thrones " does regularly empower women and put them at the forefront. Lee mas »

Reese Witherspoon celebrates 40th birthday with Nicole Kidman


Reese Witherspoon turned 40 this week and her good friend and fellow Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman was there to celebrate the milestone birthday at a dinner on Tuesday. Reese Witherspoon wears a white lacy dress as she pulls her locks back into a ponytail, revealing large dazzling earrings. Handler told Entertainment Tonight. Lee mas »

Ted Cruz rubbishes allegations of extramarital affair

Cruz's campaign says it had nothing to do with the ad. "These smears are completely false, they're offensive to Heidi and me, they're offensive to our daughters", said the father-of-two. " CNN has no reporting on what you're talking about, coming from the National Enquirer ", network anchor Kate Bolduan made clear before letting Carpenter respond. Lee mas »

Two New Captain America: Civil War Spots Debut


He took over mantle (and body armor) of the character from Terrence Howard, who left the franchise after " Iron Man " because of a contract dispute. Hawkeye will side with Captain America and the side against government oversight, while Black Widow will be on Team Iron Man. Lee mas »

Batman Vs. Superman To Have Biggest Pre-Easter Opening Ever


The weekend take should be around $160 million or more. Bryan Cranston would have been great, right? In this quasi-sequel to Man of Steel, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) pits Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) against each other in "the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world". Lee mas »

Tyler Perry Slams Ga. Anti-Gay Bill

While touted as a "religious liberty" bill by supporters, the discriminatory language has sparked outrage among hundreds of companies that do business in Georgia , including Atlanta-based Coca-Cola and Home Depot. Also joining in were Sony, Lionsgate, 21st Century Fox and the Weinstein Company. Georgia has a generous tax incentive for filming, which has made it one of the most popular locations for production outside California and NY; film and television production are a robust part of ... Lee mas »

Wonder Woman gets her big screen debut in 'Batman vs. Superman'

Where Hippolyta wants to shelter her daughter from the outside world, Antiope (the one responsible for Diana's training) wants to prepare her for the world of man as Diana Prince. The women will be seen in the new film, which gives the back story to how Diana comes to Earth and eventually turns into Wonder Woman .  "She's as elegant as a supermodel and she kicks it with the boys", Adams said of Gadot's Wonder Woman . Lee mas »

Tottenham star Mousa Dembele believes Spurs will win the English premier league


So who would make your team's five-a-side from the current crop of players? Spurs' goal difference is nine better than Leicester's which could prove crucial come in the end of the season. However, it is hard to see past a home win in this game. The Reds will be determined to pick up all three points against Spurs at Anfield , and it is very unlikely that they will lose. Lee mas »