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Is Microsoft making an upgraded Xbox One after all?


Is this the right time for an upgrade of the Xbox One? Apart from Ekim's observations, some also believe that Microsoft is developing two separate versions of the Xbox One, which means that one is the Slim version and the other is the Revised version. Lee mas »

Microsoft Prototyping a Variety of New Xbox Ideas, Say Rumours


The Verge also notes that Microsoft has a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the USA that expires on June 25th, 12 days after Microsoft's Xbox press conference at E3 this year. Some of these prototypes are said to have upgraded components of the same sort one would use to boost the power and performance of a gaming PC. When combined with recent evidence of unannounced filings with the FCC from Microsoft that line up closely with similar ... Lee mas »

Indiana GOP releases delegate names after threats to party leaders

Like that Trump advisor, Crank says Trump made a half-hearted effort in The Centennial State. What occurred in Colorado, though, is just a fraction of what is yet to come in the next month. Trump continues to lead in every demographic group in the NY poll , and his fans remain the most enthusiastic block of voters, with seven-in-ten saying they strongly support him. Lee mas »

Charles Krauthammer: The coming train wreck for the GOP

While the presidential nominee is not clear, the message at the convention was. As of Tuesday, Cruz's campaign was not saying much about its approach to the six northeastern states that award a total of 267 delegates later this month: NY on April 19, followed on April 26 by Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Lee mas »

Current GOP Delegate Count: Trump Looks to Widen Lead

The Trump campaign has been criticized for being woefully unprepared for the organization of delegates required by a presidential campaign. Today's NY primary delegate system could go a long way in aiding Trump's "theft" of the nomination. Lee mas »

Will Massive Verizon Strike Impact Customers?


Johnson and the unions say the strike is necessary because Verizon wants to freeze pensions, raise health care premiums, make layoffs easier, rely more on contract workers, outsource customer service overseas and have the ability to send workers around the country for extended periods. Lee mas »

Dozens of Neighborhoods in Houston, Texas are Flooded


Officials also were trying to determine if the storm was responsible for the death of a contractor working for the city's airport system whose body was found in a submerged vehicle. At least 60 water rescues have already been underway since early Monday morning. He posted video to Twitter later showing the waters had gone down slightly, though levels still reached auto windshields. Lee mas »

Nintendo NX "More Powerful than PS4" Rumour Debunked by Insider


This controller apparently connects to the console wherever users are as long as they have Wi-Fi or personal hotspots. Some of the rumors shared by the anonymous user come in a little too ambitious, as he claimed that the CPU, RAM, and GPU features of Nintendo NX will be far more impressive than those of Sony's PlayStation 4. Lee mas »

Local Verizon workers on strike

Verizon says that union leadership "needs to be realistic". The Vermont senator thanked the workers "on behalf of every worker in America who is facing the same kind of pressure". "It's good for employees". It's good for the company. "We're going to work seven days a week". It is the largest strike in the US since Verizon personnel walked off in 2011. Lee mas »

Winning photos of Bb Pilipinas 2016 victor Maxine Medina


She bested heavy favorites Kylie Verzosa, Nicole Cordovers, and Nichole Manalo for the much-coveted title. In a video addressed to reigning Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach on Friday, Jordan said her bags were already packed for what will be her farthest travel destination so far. Lee mas »

Tiger kills keeper at Florida zoo, officials say

Grief counselors were sent in for the staff, and zoo officials said they were reaching out to Ms. Konwiser's family members, who live out of the state. "We want to underscore that at no time was the public at any risk", Carter said. Police reportedly tranquilized the tiger but had to wait for the drug to take effect in order to safely treat the zookeeper, and transport her to St. Lee mas »

Is Megan Boone Leaving 'The Blacklist'? Spoilers!


The final minutes of " The Blacklist " on Thursday night saw series star Megan Boone's character die after childbirth and her lifeless body zipped up into a body bag. TV Line suggested that Liz's death may just be a "ruse" as the actress will be leaving the series for her real-life maternity leave following the birth of her first child. Lee mas »

The Pokemon Go Field Test Has Been Updated With Gyms & Real-Time Combat


After new details surfaced on how Pokemon Gyms will work in the game, players in a Reddit forum expressed their worries that they might only get to take on a friend's automated Pokemon at the gym. This is quite odd, considering how Pokemon games have always had some sort of multiplayer support, even back in the Gameboy days where players had to buy a cable for trading and dueling purposes. Lee mas »

This Stoppage Won't Stop: Verizon Strike Continues as Talks Fall Through


About 39,000 Verizon landline and cable workers on the East Coast walked off the job Wednesday morning after little progress in negotiations since their contract expired almost eight months ago. "People out there are begging for this service, and we're going to keep fighting for broadband build-out in the entire Verizon footprint". Chanting "No contract, no FIOS!" hundreds of striking members of the Communications Workers of America held a massive rally - complete with inflated rat - in ... Lee mas »

Cars confirmed as belonging to missing Arlington-area couple


As of Friday afternoon, the sheriff's office says there are no suspects. Shunn and Patenaude accused the neighbors of trespassing on their property with RVs and dogs off their leashes, The Seattle Times reports . The couple sought a restraining order against one neighbor, but the petition was dismissed by a local court commissioner who determined that the issues involving the neighbor's dogs were unintentional. Lee mas »

Latest Windows 10 Update Improves Cortana, Audio PlayBack, Facial recognition


There's also critical updates for Microsoft Office and core Windows services. If they do, Microsoft has a "Canceled" category at the bottom of its roadmap page, meaning you can check whether your favorite features have been scrapped. Microsoft's Director of Program Management for Xbox and Windows, Mike Ybarra, shared the news via his Twitter account on Tuesday. The idea is that a user should be able to seamlessly and securely sign in to a PC even when a Windows Hello-based ... Lee mas »

Georgia paddling video generates online buzz


Perez's son, a 5-year-old Jasper County Primary School student, missed 18 days this school year in part because of doctors appointments that Perez said should have been excused. "Just curious", referencing discipline at home. One of the administrators asks Perez "not to love on him" as he ran to his mother for comfort. It is a video that has been shared to the FOX 5 Atlanta Facebook page several dozen times and has drawn sharp criticism from commenters. Lee mas »

Microsoft's stunning Word Flow iOS keyboard is now in closed beta


Standard keyboard features like auto correction and word prediction are included, with options to enable or disable a word learning feature that improves word predictions by sending keyboard usage information to Microsoft. Word Flow arrives on iOS with two exclusive features that will make the app even more advanced than it now is on Windows Phone. With one-handed mode turned on, the keyboard morphs into a half-moon shape, arranging the letters to one side of the device for easy thumb access. Lee mas »

Ex-Manson family member Leslie Van Houten seeks parole — COURTS

She was jailed for the murders of grocer Leno La Bianca and his wife Rosemary in their Los Angeles home. A former homecoming queen from Monrovia, Van Houten did not join August 9, 1969, killings of Sharon Tate, the wife of Roman Polanski, and four others at the Benedict Canyon home Tate was renting. Lee mas »

Teen driver in fatal Weymouth crash cited for motor vehicle homicide


A 16-year-old MA teen is facing charges after crashing an SUV, killing one passenger and injuring two others. The teen driver was issued a citation for the citation for motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation, junior operator violation (passenger restriction no one under 18 during first six months), failure to keep right and speeding. Lee mas »

Seattle police arrest man after body parts of missing woman discovered

However, a judge found probable cause to hold him in connection to Lyne's death while he is investigated for a second-degree murder charge. According to Fox 5 , Charlton's own parents once sought a restraining order against their son, indicating he would drink "heavily and could fly into violent, abusive outbursts that left them anxious for their own safety". Lee mas »

Kyle Richards Twitter: 'RHOBH' Talks Lisa Vanderpump's Feud, Return Of Kim Richards

Lisa Rinna and Kim , who hate each other; Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump, who newly hate each other; Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen , who hate each other; Yolanda , who presumably hates everyone that won't stop saying they hardly recognize her because she looks so good; and Ken, who hates every female that isn't his wife or a teacup-sized animal - indeed, what a lovely environment in which to eat flatbread! "You're like the only person that I confided in", she tells Erika . Lee mas »

Income Tax Deadline: When Is Last Day to File?


Taxpayers must pay the properly estimated amount of tax owed when requesting the extension. Holding Foreign Bank Accounts - Thanks to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, overseas accounts require notifications to the Treasury Department and other paperwork depending on the size and nature of the accounts. Lee mas »

Why is Tax Day April 18 this year?


Taxpayers can call the department's call center toll-free at 866-859-2254, or in Helena at 444-6900. Call During Extended Hours . However, because April 16, 2016, falls on a Saturday, it is celebrated on the closest weekday, which is Friday, April 15. Lee mas »

Cortana for Xbox One IS on the way, according to Xbox Official


Improved reliability for Internet Explorer 11, .NET Framework, wireless LAN, Microsoft Edge, Windows Update , logon, Bluetooth, network connectivity, map apps, video playback, Cortana , USB, Windows Explorer, and Narrator. According to third-party data, Windows Vista is only powering 1.41 percent of the desktop computers around the world, and most of the users still running it is expected to upgrade by the time end of support is reached. Lee mas »

Microsoft Lumia 950: It Is Just The Start


While Windows 10 Mobile already includes a feature called Continuum for Phone that lets you connect a keyboard, mouse, and display to run apps in a desktop-style view, Microsoft has a few major updates planned. Users of Windows phones have been quite forthcoming with their requests regarding a quick access camera button on the lock-screen for quite some time. Lee mas »

Microsoft May Unveil Surface Phone In 2017


As with the reason(s) behind the reduction in pricing of Surface Pro 4, it is all speculations on the web with many reports flowing in from the supply chain that Microsoft is busy working on a Surface Pro 5 variant that could launch next year. Lee mas »

Windows 10 Mobile Gets New Cumulative Update Build 10586.218


The ninja cat emoji are exclusive to Windows 10 and use zero width joiner sequences, which are hacks to support non-standard Unicode emoji . "Most enterprises will end up doing production deployments sometime shortly after the release of the Anniversary update to the CBB, and they will have to decide whether to start deployments with 1511 and switch over later in 2017, or start with the Anniversary update out of the gate", said Kleynhans. Lee mas »

Verizon workers threaten to strike Wednesday

Almost all the union workers are employed by Verizon's landline business, which has seen annual declines in the number of lines served as well as job cuts. The company maintains that changing competitive and technological landscape calls for an update of the rules governing the workforce. The division has not been doing well for the company and it seems Verizon is trying hard to make both ends meet for its wireline division. Lee mas »

Daily Mail eyes Yahoo bid to consolidate online success


The potential deal was first reported in the Wall Street Journal , which described two possible scenarios. The group is in talks with several private-equity firms as it seeks a partner for the bid. In another scenario, the private-equity partner would purchase Yahoo and combine the media and news operations with the Daily Mail's Web business into a new company that the Mail would run. Lee mas »

Microsoft Band 2 and smartphones to unlock Windows 10 soon

With the new feature , it should be possible to unlock the computer with a smartphone. The Anniversary Update is projected to launch in the summer, and although Microsoft hasn't provided more information on the release date, it's believed that July is likely the month to bring this new version to users. Lee mas »

Narendra Modi hosts lunch for Prince William, Kate Middleton


Hold that dress! The Duchess of Cambridge had an nearly Marilyn Monroe-like mishap in India while visiting the India Gate war memorial in Delhi. The out of control dress threatened to upstage the sombre occasion. Stay tuned for her outfit change for the official garden party in honour of the Queen. All eyes will especially be on Kate's outfits that she will be wearing for the rest of the trip. Lee mas »

Police investigating Renton missing woman

The pair were planning to go to a Seattle Mariners game, and police in both Renton and in Seattle are investigating her disappearance. "I don't know; it's not good", Franceschina said in an interview Sunday. "It's a pretty quiet neighborhood and a pretty quiet cul-de-sac so it was a little weird to see all the police activity", neighbor Dawn Early said. Seattle police will be discussing two cases on Monday: the case about the missing Renton mother and the case of human body parts found in ... Lee mas »

Microsoft Releases Tool to Bring Desktop Apps in Windows 10 Store

Recent estimates from Gartner predict that 50 percent of organisations will have started Windows 10 deployments by January 2017, and a TechWeekEurope poll showed that 75 percent of readers plan to download Windows 10, which has been greeted by a strong critical response. Lee mas »

Microsoft Updates the Windows Phone Upgrade Advisor App


You can also now apply theme colors only to an app's title bar (as opposed to coloring in the start menu and taskbar as well), giving you a little more flexibility. That being said , Microsoft has officially made no confirmation of a Surface phone , so for now it remains a rumored device that Microsoft will release in the near future. Lee mas »

Attorney general: Man wrongfully convicted of rape, murder


His conviction was largely based on now-questionable bite mark comparison evidence. Harward was convicted in the 1982 murder of Jesse Perron and the rape of his wife. Crotty and Harward were shipmates aboard the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, the Innocence Project reported. Herring said Harward has the opportunity to request a bail hearing to get out of prison, pending the court's decision. Lee mas »

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Redstone (Wave 1) "Anniversary Update" In July


Following the Windows 10 Anniversary update this summer, you'll also be able to listen to background music on Xbox One (without Snap) and browse a unified app store across Xbox and PC. The feature is coming to forthcoming version of Windows, which is more than likely the Anniversary Update, which is on deck for summer 2016. In addition, Microsoft's has seen more than 5 billion visits as Windows users look for Windows 10 apps, including almost 1,000 Cortana apps. Lee mas »

Microsoft tweaking the Start menu in Windows 10 update


The Windows 10 update will also have an enhancement to a feature called Windows Hello that lets people more securely log into Windows using biometric verification, like facial recognition. The password was never a particularly elegant, or even secure, solution for proving one's identity, so exploring and expanding biometric options will likely be welcomed by many users looking for greater convenience and security. Lee mas »

Wisconsin Voters Cast Their Ballots For Primary Election

Cruz, speaking to supporters on Sunday in Green Bay, Wisconsin, was eager to take advantage of whatever opening Trump had provided him. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were playing defense Tuesday morning. Trump has grown increasingly frustrated with the governor and has joined Cruz in calling for Kasich to end his campaign. "If it did, the people would quite rightly revolt", said Cruz. Lee mas »

Senator Blames Human Error In Amtrak Crash


A source close to the investigation told CNN the two construction workers, who reportedly have been identified as the backhoe operator and his supervisor, made a "colossal" mistake by operating on the wrong track. They were not passengers on the train. One had worked for Amtrak for about 40 years, the other for about 20 years, said U.S. Rep. Robert Brady, D-Pennsylvania. Lee mas »

Microsoft Build 2016 Rumors: These Are The Things We're Waiting


You'll also be able to get mobile notifications from your Android device on-screen, using a PC. Nadella spent a lot of time discussing Cortana in his three-hour speech, while Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group, announced the Windows 10 Anniversary Update . Lee mas »

Microsoft makes Windows 10 Preview build 14295 ISO file available for download


During this conference we found out that Windows Phone (or Windows 10 Mobile ) isn't exactly Microsoft's priority right now , instead focusing on their more popular products such as Windows 10, Xbox, and HoloLens. Ten days prior to the March 31 announcement, Redmond officially closed its acquisition of the mobile development company. "We're always looking for new ways to engage with our customers outside our stores", said Martin-Flickinger. Lee mas »

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Has Been Delayed Until Next Year

Now, if the Surface Phone will be the "ultimate business phone", it is safe to assume that users should expect more than that. Microsoft has been a company which has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades in the recent past, and has been innovating the markets of technology with their operating systems and software technologies. Lee mas »

Microsoft May Terminate Windows Phone Forever


It already had great sales in the business sector and they can't win battles against Apple and Samsung if they try to push it to the other sectors as well. But would you give up your handset to go with the Microsoft Lumia 950? From the looks of things, the company wants to inform users about the smartphone's uncertain future - as it is still seems clueless on how to proceed forward with the Windows Phone. Lee mas »

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Getting Big Windows 10 OS Update

Microsoft Surface Phone is proof that the multinational giant is not leaving the mobile wars clear for Android and iOS. Apple has managed to sell more iPad Pro units than Microsoft sold Surface Pro 4 units which is a very big deal for the tech company which up until this point has been the undisputed leader of the tablet business. Lee mas »